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Artist Steph Copeland & Viral Violinist Brigit O’Regan To Release Dark Pop Collaboration “Gas Light”

Steph Copeland, an established Canadian film, TV, commercial composer (The Retreat, Vicious Fun, The Oak Room, NBA Canada, The North Face) and music producer, has collaborated with viral violinist Brigit O’Regan for their upcoming single “Gas Light,” dropping today

In addition to her work as a composer, Steph has also had her other dark pop songs featured in popular TV series, such as her song “Hit Me Where It Hurts” from Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things and “Little Boxes” from LA’s Finest. Collaborator, professional violinist Brigit O’Regan, has accumulated success with her performances at FanExpo and ComicCon, as well as generated 163k followers and 18 million views on her YouTube channel alone. This ambitious duo have teamed up to create a dark pop song “Gas Light,” inspired by the tactics of world leaders, the #metoo movement, and their own real life experiences of being gaslighted. The accompanying music video follows dancer/choreographer Murphy as she dances a contemporary routine on an empty, shuttered street, almost in trance-like state and seemingly weighed down by the cynicism of the world around her. Steph and Brigit hope with this song that listeners with similar experiences feel seen and heard, and that they can bring attention to this ongoing societal issue. 

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