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An Interview With Pop Songstress Lisey Tigra and Her New Single, “Criminal Mind”

Hailing from London is Lisey Tigra: your not-so-typical cookie-cutter pop star. With an angelic voice against dark pop fantasies – Lisey’s music takes you through a ride of introspective emotions and deep lyricism. Her sound is meticulously crafted with inspiration that draws from 90s club music to R&B and punk. Her most iconic release to date, “Criminal Mind,” is an enchanting pop track that radiates confidence.

We had the chance to catch up with Lisey Tigra to discuss all things “Criminal Mind” and her upcoming EP Crime Scene

Q: What’s the story behind “Criminal Mind”?  

Lisey Tigra: I wrote ‘Criminal Mind’ when I was twisted over a guy and I was finding it really hard to get over him. Then one day I had a realization that I didn’t actually want to be with him, I wanted to be him. He had certain qualities of courage, bravery, and strength to walk his own path that I felt like I was lacking at the time. Those qualities inspired me in a way that felt like love but in reality, it was admiration – I wanted to embody those qualities that I  saw in him. That’s what I mean when I sing ‘I want your criminal mind to be mine’. Once I  managed to become more courageous, strong, and brave in my own life I was instantly over him because I became whole on my own. There was no void left for him to fill.

Q: What do you hope fans get out of “Criminal Mind”?  

LT: My hope is that when people listen to this track they feel empowered to become the person they want to be. Also to realize they can embody whatever qualities they desire to have and become whole within themselves. Most of the time we are projecting onto other people and latching on to things that represent what we feel like we are lacking. Once we make ourselves whole we can truly love from a place of actual love rather than from our ego. 

Q: What has been your favorite reaction to the new single?  

LT: My favourite reactions have been to the music video which has been described as an ‘enchanting, awe-inspiring piece of audiovisual art’. It is definitely my proudest  moment yet.

Q: You’re coming out with your first EP soon. What sounds can we expect from this release?  

LT: So this is actually the last single from my first EP Crime Scene which I’ve been releasing single by single over the last year. It includes “Maybe It’s Worth It”, “Deceive Me”,  “Crime Scene” and “Criminal Mind”. In a few weeks, the full EP will be released with an extended version of ‘Maybe It’s Worth It’, and remixes of “Crime Scene” and “Criminal Mind”.

Q: You’re a big feminist advocate. How have you used your music/platform to lift female voices?  

LT: My music is written to empower and inspire the young generation to be strong-minded, independent women. I write about certain struggles we face as women in society and certain emotional ‘traps’ that we sometimes fall into, and try to unpack them in a way that other girls can become aware of them. I have many conversations in my DMs with girls that relate to my lyrics and we have long, insightful discussions into why we are sometimes driven to have certain patterns of thought caused by guilt and unworthiness  — things that we have been conditioned to constantly feel by society. I learn so much from hearing other women’s experiences and it inspires me to write even more.

Q: Who would be your dream collaboration?  

LT: Rina Sawayama. I’m obsessed with her.

Q: What are you most looking forward to as we transition into a post-pandemic world?  

LT: Live shows! I can’t wait to play live again. I will announce some shows really soon. 


Take a listen to “Criminal Mind” below, and be sure to follow Lisey Tigra on her official Instagram.

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