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Following a serious spinal injury that caused her to pull back from her passion of horseback riding, pop singer/songwriter Amanda Markley learned to cope with her struggles by keeping a journal. Her writing became inspiration for her new passion in music and the lyrics of her first songs. Now that she’s back to riding horses again, Markley wants to inspire others to follow their own dreams and not be afraid. Here, Markley opens up about her new EP, music videos, and a charity she is currently involved with. 
Cliché: What can listeners expect from your new EP, out this fall?
Amanda Markley: Listeners can expect a fuller, more mature sound from me in this new EP, but I still stay true to who I am and what I believe in. I’m growing up, and my music will grow with me.
Where did you go to record your music video for your song “Cold” and how was the experience?
I recorded part of the “Cold” video at a place called Rattlesnake Lake, which is about 45 minutes east of Seattle. The other parts of the video were actually filmed at my house!
What inspired your latest single, “Jealousy”?
“Jealousy” is about the one that got away, but really rubbed it in your face when they moved on.

Can you tell us a little about the music video that goes along with it?
I am super excited to release my music video for “Jealousy.” I shot it with Chase Manhattan of Night Argent, who also produced the song, and he is amazing at what he does. We shot the video in the Tri-Cities area of Washington and found some amazing views to use. The video tells the story beautifully and I got to help a lot in the creative process.
What makes your sound different than other pop artists out there today?
My new sound is going to have more of an alternative vibe to it rather than straight “bubble gum” pop. I also like to write some of my songs with an inspirational message, which I don’t think we hear enough of in the pop world.
We hear that you’re an animal lover! Tell us about the charity you’re releasing your single for to save animals. How did you decide that was the charity you wanted to partner with?
Cadence and Cause has been amazing and I’m so glad that they are releasing my single to help shelter animals! Whenever anyone buys the song through them, the money goes toward helping animals get adopted and stay comfortable in the process. They can also choose to just donate to the cause. This is something I’m very passionate about because I love animals and being able to make a difference.
How can your fans get involved?
To get involved with the charity they can visit to buy my new single. To get involved and hear about more of my upcoming music, they can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @amarkleymusic and
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Amanda Markley Interview: Photographed by Michelle Moore Photography

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