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AllDay Talks His New Album and His Speeding Tour

Allday is speeding “In Motion” touring around in cities near you. Haven’t heard of him? Well, (excuse us for this corny line) you’ll want to listen to Allday literally all day. The Australian based rapper is out making moves on his own and with a steady growing following, fans will go wherever he will go.


Cliché: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career in music? How did you decide to use your vocals rather than being behind the scenes?
Allday: It didn’t really happen in that order for me. I rapped for fun, then decided to record it, then later on it occurred to me I could do it as a job.

What was the first rap song you heard that just either inspired or motivated you?
Dr Dre’s “The Next Episode.”

Since you recently moved to LA permanently, what’s one thing you wish America had that Australia has and vise versa?
I wish Australia had Wholefoods. It’s just a supermarket, but for healthy stuff. I wish America had my family in it so I didn’t miss them.

You’re pretty active on your Twitter account. How do you deal with the negative comments that comes from social media?
It doesn’t really bother me. My music usually brings in the good people and irritates the shit people. I appreciate the good people so much it makes it all worthwhile.

You’re an open book to your fans, but has there been a time where you realized you shared too much and can’t really take back what you put out?
Not really. I’m not famous like Justin Bieber or anything where I can’t walk down the street. I can keep stuff private if I want to.

When was the moment you realized your music started to get more attention and you eventually got some star power to your name?
I’m not sure; that hasn’t really happened yet. I feel like it’s more of a small cult following thing.

How’d you steer away from having stage fright and just going out on stage, performing your songs with no regrets?
Alcohol, mostly. But I sometimes have to remind myself to become bigger on stage, that I can’t be normal Tom. It’s a good mental exercise to perform.

Your latest video of “In Motion” was pretty wild. Have you already brainstormed what’s the next song you’ll release and the idea for the music video?
I’m not sure what we’ll make a video for. But we’re out of video money so whatever it is, it will be much worse than the “In Motion” video.

We’re curious: why did you delay your forthcoming album? When did you decide that you were officially finished with it without any further edits?
You can keep working on something forever but at a point, I just had to say it was done. I’m not sure why it took so long. I think I was going through some things and I wasn’t inspired to make music.

Is there one specific track we should look out for that holds a deeper meaning than the others?
I think these songs are all pretty meaningful, with an exception of maybe “Sides” and “No Saint.” Those have a different purpose. I probably made too many meaningful, morose songs.

It’s pretty cool you do listening parties with your fans. What motivated you to have those and what’s it been like receiving feedback or just chilling with them?
I’m not sure how we came up with the idea, but it was fun. There were a lot of hugs from cool people. It reminded me of why I make music, so it was definitely worthwhile.

If money wasn’t an issue, what’s something you wish to do for your fans in the future?
Never make them pay for anything again, I suppose. Free shows, free music. But that won’t happen unless I win the lotto, so, unfortunately, they’re going to have to keep paying for things.

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AllDay Talks His New Album and His Speeding Tour: Photographed by Jo Duck

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