Adventure with AMWIN in Wonderland

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, AMWIN has been dubbed as an artist to watch with global appeal. The 22-year-old talent just dropped her highly anticipated debut EP, AMWIN in Wonderland, which perfectly showcases her bold sound – an epic collision of pop, hip-hop, and electronic influences.
For the EP AMWIN collaborated with songwriters/producers like Carli Löf (Robyn, Galantis), Jay Weathers (Not3s, Jacob Banks), and Carl Lehman (Liam Payne, Panic At The Disco!), adorning each track with otherworldly beats and luminous textures and her own madcap vocal twists. While much of AMWINs material embodies a certain restless attitude, lead single “Dua Lipa” unfolds as a full-tilt love song, a magnificent bop built on her heart-on-sleeve lyrics. The EP then drifts into an edgier mood on her first three singles “DeLorean”, “Living Mistake”, and “Uber”.
When asked about the inspiration behind the project, AMWIN shared, “This EP lets you in to the ambivalent mind of a young women. A world thats often upside down. On one side super f*cking happy and amazing, on the other side super f*cking sad and pissed off. Too many emotions to count. Finally, after hours of blood, sweat and tears, they turned in to my debut EP. I’m so stoked to finally share it with you.”
*UMG Sweden / Island UK / Dew Process
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