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Viana Releases Vulnerable Music Video for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” Cover

Following the release of her latest cover “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” across all streaming platforms, Rhode Island pop artist Viana has released the accompanying video for the track. For the visual, Viana showcases raw emotion and depth in the song’s meaning with a vulnerable performance. Filmed back in 2020 on an empty stage, the video is also reflective of a time where people were living in isolation and the feelings of uncertainty that came with it. 

For this video, I really wanted something pretty raw. Just myself singing alone on a stage. I recorded this cover during the pandemic, and the theme just seemed so fitting at the time. Everything was spinning around and we were all just trying to make ends meet, but really, most of us weren’t okay at all. I personally poured myself into writing music and singing and that’s how I coped. So, that’s what the video is. Me singing. Nothing crazy, nothing fancy. Just me and my microphone.” Viana

Viana represents what it means to be 100% yourself, embracing both your strengths and flaws. She pushes her listeners to quit trying to fit into a certain mold and to create what feels right. After years of fronting rock bands, Viana decided to venture off and start writing her own music about whatever she personally needs to digest. With a style influenced by a combination of being a sucker for a catchy melody, yet still bringing a natural edge brought on by years of being a front woman of her band, this Gemini’s sound has a few different sides. Viana’s mission through music is to connect with people and remember that self expression should be about going with your gut and listening to your own instincts. Viana’s fierce independence has led to the shedding of her past and the incubation of this unapologetically Viana project: new, honest, and always true to who she is. 

Be sure to watch Viana’s cover of  “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)on YouTube today. The track is also available for streaming across all DSPs

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