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How to Keep Your Jewelry Safe While Traveling

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Today we want to share tips on how to keep your jewelry safe while traveling. It is the same things that make travel exciting that also leave you feeling vulnerable. You’re going on a trip to a totally new place, staying in accommodation that does not belong to you. You’re chasing adventures, living at a faster pace than at almost any other time. We love this, but the thrills only come from leaving our comfort zones.

For this reason, it is natural to fear that your precious jewelry will be lost or stolen while you are traveling. You cannot keep it in the same secure environment you’re used to, and may be going to places with higher crime rates. The only surefire way of not losing your jewelry while traveling is to leave it in your safe back home.

However, that does not mean you are bound to lose your jewelry while traveling or that it’s not worth bringing it with. On the contrary, if you take some steps to keep it safe, you can enjoy looking expensive without too much concern.

Do the following to keep your jewelry safe while traveling.

Update your insurance

You should already have an insurance policy that covers your possessions. This will either be your homeowners insurance or your renters insurance. These policies are in place to cover claims for theft, loss, and damages to your items no matter where you are in the world. But what about jewelry?

Your renters insurance policy covers jewelry, but there are limits. The general limit for jewelry claims on a renters insurance policy is $1,500 per claim. If you have some expensive items of jewelry such as a diamond engagement ring, you will need to add specific insurance for these objects.

If you do not have coverage for your jewelry, make sure to get some before traveling. If you don’t have the time, leave your jewelry at home.

Avoid hostels

There is a joy to backpacking around the world and staying in hostels to keep costs down. Even if you have the money to stay in a nice hotel, you may decide that money is better spent elsewhere. Sharing a room with other travelers can be fun, and in most places the risks are not too high.

However, if you are traveling with expensive jewelry, staying in a hostel is a risk too far. Even if you have a lock on your bag, you are too exposed to other people and there are too many opportunities for lapses in focus. You don’t want to come back from a shower to find you left your bag open and your jewelry is gone.

Carry a portable safe lock

But staying in a hotel or a rented apartment is not necessarily a guarantee of security. While they may provide a safe in your room, the owner of the accommodation as well as any staff have easy access to it. They can find ways to crack it open while you are out for the day.

You can avoid this by carrying a portable safe lock when you travel. These locks are an affordable form of security that makes it much more difficult for anyone to get at your jewelry. There is no foolproof way to lock a small safe – some thieves would happily take the whole safe with them – but it is unlikely anyone will get past your extra lock.

Read up on local crime

One of the most common reasons jewelry gets stolen from tourists is that they do not know much about local crime. Many people believe that because their own neighborhood or city has moderate levels of crime, they know how to deal with it anywhere. However, crime differs from place to place. One city may have a lot of home break ins while another is home to a hidden population of pickpockets.

Because of this, people go out wearing their jewelry to places where locals would never consider doing such a thing, and they face the consequences. If you prepare in advance by doing your research on crime in the area, along with all the dos and dont’s, you can avoid making simple mistakes.

There is no guaranteed way to keep your jewelry safe when traveling. But, if you are savvy about it, theft becomes increasingly unlikely.

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