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Checklist for a Smooth Road Trip Across the Country

Checklist for a Smooth Road Trip Across the Country

Today we want to share a checklist for a smooth road trip across the country. Summer is fast approaching and we’re all starting to think about getting a holiday booked and planned. Many people will be taking road trips around the country this summer but before you jump on the road, be sure to follow this checklist for a safe, smooth trip.

Why a Road Trip is a Great Choice For Your Next Holiday

There are lots of benefits to choosing a road trip for your next holiday.

  • It allows you to escape from your day-to-day routines.
  • You’ll have total control of your own schedule.
  • You can plan out every stop, be totally spontaneous or somewhere in between!
  • You can be adventurous and active as you like (or not, if you’d prefer to relax and unwind!)
  • You can go off the beaten track and explore places many people won’t even have heard of.
  • You’ll wake up in new places and meet new people.
  • You get to see more of our beautiful country.
  • Road trips are great at any age and with any number of people, so you can go alone, as a couple, with your family or in a group of friends.
  • Road trips give you plenty of time to think or to spend quality time with your fellow travellers.

Essential Things to Consider Before Your Trip

Sounds great, right? But before you jump in your car, here are a few essential things to consider before your trip.

Pack the essentials

When packing for your road trip, don’t forget your essentials for the car! Be sure to wear comfortable clothing – layers are best for long trips in case the weather changes, and don’t forget your sunglasses and raincoat! Pack plenty of drinks and snacks for everyone and make sure you have travel sickness remedies close to hand, just in case! If you’re taking children or pets on your road trip, make sure they’re going to be comfortable too.

Prepare for emergencies

Hopefully, your road trip will go smoothly but preparation is key. Ensure you have any addresses and postcodes you need. Sat-nav is great but just in case technology fails or your phone battery runs out, have your destination address and some basic directions jotted down. Paper maps are also a good idea and essential if you’re planning to go walking or hiking on your road trip. You should always have a roadside emergency kit in your car too. This should contain jump leads, a torch with spare batteries, a hi-vis vest and a first aid kit as a minimum.

You should also be prepared to protect and defend yourself on a road trip. No one can predict an assault or robbery, therefore, consider investing in self-defense items so that you’re ready for all unforeseen situations. Fortunately, various options are available, such as pepper sprays, tasers, tactical flashlights, kubotans, and so on. If you have a license and your State law permits it, consider storing a small armed weapon in a portable safe within your car. Hopefully you won’t need to use it, but if you find yourself in a life threatening situation, you may need a weapon for self-defense  If things escalate an you’re faced with a lawsuit for weapon use, search online for experts such as gun charge lawyer M.J. Snyder and many more to get some helpful advice.

Ensure your car is in tip-top condition

As part of your planning and preparation, take time to make sure your car has a valid MOT, is properly taxed and that your insurance is valid and all your details are up-to-date. You might also want to arrange breakdown cover before you set off. Ensure you have any important documents to hand when you travel, including your car’s handbook, your driving license and breakdown membership number.

Your car tires will be doing a lot of the work on your road trip, so make sure they have the correct depth of tread and the correct air pressure. If it’s time for a new set of tires, be sure to replace them before you set out on your road trip! You should also check your car’s oil and fluid levels and top these up if needed. You’ll also want to check your wiper blades and screen wash too, in case of bad weather.

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