6 Smart Tips for Storing Fragile Items in a Storage Unit

storing fragile items

Whether you’re anticipating a move, relocating your business, or even downsizing, there are several things to think about and decide upon when looking for a storage unit. And even after that, you will still need to pack your items carefully to avoid damage or breakage.

Do you have breakables among the belongings you want to store? If so, here are 6 smart tips to help you store fragile and sensitive items in a storage unit.

1. Invest in a Good Storage Unit

The most important factor that you need to look for is the storage unit, which is ideally located near your home so you can be within reach to check on your items whenever you have the time.

A good unit will also be equipped with all the essential amenities such as flooring materials, temperature control systems, security, lighting, and other features to keep your fragile belongings protected from damage. You will also want to ensure that the storage unit is spacious enough to avoid overcrowding, which can lead to breakage or damage to your items.

And, thanks to the internet, you can find a good, spacious unit, a spacious unit without spending so much time, effort, and money. A search on cheap storage units in Cleveland Ohio using a tool like Self Storage Finders can provide various options for you to pick from with just a few clicks.

2. Use Soft Padding Inside Boxes 

This might sound a little obvious, but, yes, delicate items should be properly cushioned when packing to avoid breakage. A soft cardboard box is perfect for packaging fragile items if you want them to be secured.

To make them even more secure, make sure to add padding inside the boxes. And while there are various types of padding, bubble wrap is one you’ll want to go with. In some instances, a thick blanket or tablecloth can do if you don’t have bubble wrap when packing.

3. Wrap Items in Cardboard and Tape It Closed 

It is also essential to wrap fragile and sensitive items in a light piece of paper, such as cardboard. By wrapping it tightly, you will prevent the item from moving around too much as well as keep it from being damaged or broken. To ensure it stays taped in place, you can add a strip of tape on all four sides so it won’t come undone.

4. Wrap Each Item Individually 

Another thing to ensure is to wrap each fragile item separately. Especially when packing small items, this helps prevent them from breaking as a result of bombarding each other while inside the box.

For larger items, make sure to wrap each of them individually and put them in separate boxes. You might as well want to add some cushioning in-between boxes when transporting your stuff to the storage unit.

5. Label Boxes Correctly 

storing fragile items

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

It’s also wise to label your boxes according to the different types of fragile items inside. This will help avoid having to empty a box you already have for the same item, or damaging it if it already came out. One idea is to label the cardboard boxes from the front, so you can see them clearly from the outside at first glance.

6. Stack Packed Items Carefully 

Once you pack your items securely, you will want to watch how you organize them when putting them inside the storage unit. Putting them neatly in your storage space while inside the securely taped cardboard boxes can go a long way in keeping delicate items in good condition until the next time you need to use them.

Also, the most fragile items should come on top of heavier boxes, that’s if at all you have to stack boxes on top of each other. Remember to make sure the boxes sit tightly on each other to prevent them from moving about.

Being smart about storing your fragile items can help make your life easier in a way. It keeps them from being broken when transporting them, putting them inside, or retrieving them from the storage unit. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the tips above can help ensure that your precious items stay safe until when you need to access or use them.

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