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Top Grooming Tips for Your Next Video Conference Call

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Today all of us are working home and for anyone who’s working from home, here’s a few grooming tips for your next video conferencing call.  If you are somebody who has just transitioned from an office job to work from home, you need to work out some things so that you can look professional in your virtual meetings. If it is virtual, it in no way means that you shouldn’t put in enough effort to look your best.

tips for your next video conferencing call

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So, in addition to a perfect technical setup, you also need to ensure that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for all of this. So, here, we have compiled some of the best tips for your next video conferencing call. If you have an online job interview, these tips will come handy there too. Now, get set to dress to impress and look like a stylish and well-groomed career woman that you truly are.

Dress as you would for the office

Sonya, an online educator who offers the best online python coursesays that it doesn’t matter to her that she takes classes online, she takes due effort to dress up as she used to for her office. Simply because you are doing it from home doesn’t make it any less important. To be a girl boss, you need to look like one. Yes, you can certainly try out a few work from home outfits for your next video call, but if it is a presentation, you got to look your best.   

Look prepared from top to bottom

It is true that online meetings only have your top half on the screen, but certain keynotes can be presented well, only when you stand up. So, it is always good to be prepared for that moment. What if you have to present a chart or a graph for your team? You might want to stand up to properly do that. So, pick the right bottoms to avoid getting caught wearing pajamas or shorts with a nice work shirt. 

Experiment with patterns

Mia, who works with a homeworking providing company as an online assignment help provider says that a combination of a white blouse and a black blazer, just isn’t her thing, and that’s how she decided to switch to patterns. It is okay to experiment with some of your favorite prints now and then.

Now, please remember that when you opt for apparels with prints or patterns, strictly avoid the styles that may be distracting for the eyes. This does not mean that you have to completely stay away from zigzags or spirals. 

tips for your next video conferencing call

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Say no to baggy or loose clothes

The thing with the camera is that it will only make you look heavier than you are. So, if you wear something loose or baggy, it will only add a few more virtual kilos to our body. So, get rid of that oversized blouse and opt for something that’s snugger. If you want to look slimmer, tie a belt at the slimmest area of your waist. 

Get over sequins

Now, as far as online video call grooming is concerned, let’s just say that you need to ditch your ensembles that have a lot of glam and glitter. Yes, they might be your most glamorous outfits, but leave them for date night or the club. Too much sparkle on the phone can be heavily distracting. Angie, an online do my statistics homework provider, says that every time she has a team meeting or con call with her boss, she likes to add a bit of pizzazz in her outfit by adding a nice pair of danglers or a cute brooch that can elevate a sober outfit.

Only minimum and natural makeup, please

It is a call, so you do not need a full face of makeup. Keep it as minimalist and as natural as possible. Simple kohl, with a corrector, and lipstick should suffice. You do not need an eye shadow or a bright red lipstick. Opt for a lighter lip-shade as it will make you look more youthful too. 

Try bright colors

A lot of people stick to monochrome prints when it comes to business, but not you, right? If you wish to stand out from the crowd, try wearing something sunny and bright. It will not only elevate your mood but also get you the attention of others on the call. Natasha, online write my essay for me service provider, says that her favorite colors for a conference call with a boss, team member, or a senior is pastels. The pastels go a long way in helping you get noticed during the call.

Ditch ‘em turtlenecks

Please do yourself a favor and keep your high-collared blouse or the turtleneck tops far away from your online calls. Yes, they look chic when you pair it with a blazer, but for the camera, they can be a bit too much. Sometimes, on-camera these tops give an impression of a no-neck. That would look absurd, right? So, always stick to the necklines that are flattering instead. 

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