Technology and Sleep: What Tech Options are Available

Technology and Sleep

We all know that technology and sleep are super important but have you considered how it might affect you?  Sound sleep can help you feel invincible the next morning. Waking up refreshed and ready to take on the new day is something you want more of if you’re like the 1 in 3 adults in the US who don’t get enough sleep regularly. To help you get more z’s, as well as stay asleep, you might try one of these tech-savvy options.

Technology and Sleep

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White Noise Machine

A white noise machine can help induce sleepiness by masking sounds around you, such as noisy neighbors, traffic, or a loud snoring partner. While some of them are mechanical, others are digital, and the number of noises they produce varies by machine.

For example, it might produce a sound like a fan. This type of machine can be handy when traveling, with small sizes to fit conveniently in your suitcase. Modern models can even pair with your smartphone, and then you can operate them directly from your phone.  

Sleep Apps

There’s an app for that! Sleep apps enable you to take control of your sleep habits by providing you with information to help you achieve a longer, deeper slumber.

Different apps collect different types of details about your sleep patterns based on their objectives, such as how many hours you slept the night before. From smart alarm clocks to lucid dreaming tools, the number of options out there for helping you fall asleep and stay asleep are impressive.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you like watching TV until bedtime, digital glasses that protect your eyes from blue light might help you fall asleep. The light-blocking sunglasses can obstruct blue light that emits from the television and interferes with melatonin.

If blue light inhibits melatonin production in the body, the result can disastrous for both the quality and quantity of your sleep. While blue light from the sun during the day is terrific for increasing alertness, that state of arousal at night is an obvious issue.

Sleep Sensors Under the Mattress

Another tech option for those who want to up their sleep game is under-the-mattress sleep sensors. This type of device is an alternative to wearable tech for sleep tracking and monitoring other health-related activities, such as heart rate and your snoring.

Conveniently put under the bed, the sensor can track data and then relay it to you via an app. It’s another example of how technology is shaping and improving the options for those who struggle to get a good sleep night after night.

Technology and Sleep

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Upon Waking Up

After a great sleep, you’re likely raring to go with the brand new day! Start today off right with a morning routine that helps you feel you’re on your way to living your best life possible and look forward to getting a well-deserved rest come nighttime.

Exactly what works for you for sleep apps, and another tech will likely be different than your best friend or partner. That makes sense, given everyone has a slightly different bedtime routine, and they could all use a bit of improvement. The more information you gain through digital assistance, the better you are for knowing yourself and moving toward the best you. 

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