Staying Safe Against the Threat of gun Violence

gun violence

Today we want to share tips on staying safe against the threat of gun violence. When we think of getting injured or in an accident, we might think of workplace incidents, car accidents, or the like much more readily than we would think about the potential of someone with a firearm out to harm us. However, the unfortunate reality is that active shooter situations are becoming more common, and guns are more widely available in some areas than others. Regardless of your thoughts on the legal realities that allow this to happen, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Here, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can safeguard against gun violence.

Be prepared for the possibility

While we don’t want to promote a state of constantly being on edge for the possibility of attack, it is a good idea to be aware of the risk whenever you go out to a public place. Staying alert to one’s surroundings and being sure that you are able to identify the exits of any location you are in can be highly useful when the situation arises. Be more willing to say something to local authorities if you notice someone or something suspicious, and consider taking training courses in things like first aid to make sure that you’re able to contribute if you are ever present at the scene of violence.

Equip yourself and stay safe

gun violenceWhen we think of how we might equip ourselves in the event of an active situation, our first thought might go to firearms. However, for the wide availability of guns in the country, responding with a firearm has rarely proven to be the course of action that de-escalates a situation and, furthermore, you may be wrongly perceived as a threat by other people and by the police when they arrive on the scene. However, carrying concealed protection like vests from BulletSafe can make a real difference. You can make sure that if you do happen to ever be targetted, there’s a much greater chance of mitigating fatal damage and making it out of the situation relatively unharmed.

Know how to handle an active shooter situation

You should also consider training courses such as ALICE Training that can help you know how to keep yourself as safe as possible in an active shooting situation. The prevailing wisdom at the time is that, if available, you should run as far as you can, until you’re safely extracted from the situation and able to follow the instructions of law enforcement, keeping your hands empty and visible while you can. If you can’t evacuate, then finding cover and hiding is the next recommended tip. Only as a last resort is it ever recommended that you try to fight, using what advantages you can, such as improvised weaponry or working with other people to disable the attacker as best as possible.

The escalation of gun violence is something that a lot of people are keeping an eye on, and we don’t want to be too paranoid, but it is a threat worth preparing for.

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