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Top 15 Healthiest Sports

top 15 healthiest sports

Today we want to talk about the top 15 healthiest sports. Keeping fit is challenging, and not everyone wants to go to the gym. Thankfully a lot of our favorite sports can also be good exercise even if you’re just playing as a complete amateur. So why not take your motivation from the sport you support, whether it be the Bundesliga, tennis, rugby, or many others? If you’re looking to play for a combination of fitness and enjoyment, here are the top 15 healthiest sports to get you started.

  1. Running
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Head out onto the track for a spot of running, and if you can achieve speeds of around 8 miles an hour, you can enjoy burning around 1074 cal in that time. Even better, there is no actual equipment required except for a good pair of trainers to protect your feet.

  1. Soccer

Soccer, or football, as they call it in the UK, is the most-watched sport of all time. There are plenty of amateur football teams who meet and have a kick around, but you do need some other players to really get this off the ground. If you’re looking for fitness, football can burn 937 cal every hour.

  1. Taekwondo

Exercise and mental discipline combine for the practice of taekwondo. This can be practised alone, but it is better to get expert tuition where possible. You’re looking at a calorie burn of 937 cal an hour.

  1. Swimming 

Exercise in water is good for the joints as there is no pressure, but in order to achieve the 892 cal deficit, you do actually need to be swimming quite vigorously, not just floating around on your back in the shallows.

  1. Tennis
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If you love tennis, then you’ll be pleased to know that an hour in front of the net can burn 728 cal. Of course, this is based on a single game, not a doubles match; otherwise, your partner is doing half the work.

  1. Flag Football

A variation on traditional soccer, flag football can still burn an impressive 728 cal per hour. Again, there is not much in the way of equipment, but you are going to need some friends to form a team.

  1. Basketball

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a slam-dunker, or you enjoy dribbling across the court, then basketball might well be the choice for you. You can burn up to 728 cal an hour and play by yourself or with a team.

  1. Racquetball

It may not be as popular as tennis, but racquetball is the perfect game to play indoors when the weather isn’t so good. The good news is it can also burn you 637 cal an hour, making it relatively healthy.

  1. Ice Skating

If you’re old enough to remember Torvill and Dean, then ice-skating might be something you’d enjoy. But, of course, it does take skill, and you must learn to stay upright on the ice to burn the 637 cal an hour.

  1. Cross-country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a popular winter Olympic sport and something you can enjoy even as a new skier. Because it is cross country, it tends to take place on flatter rather than steeper slopes, so you get an excellent chance to learn new skills while burning 619 cal an hour.

  1. Baseball 
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Another fun way to go for that 455 cal an hour burn is to take to the baseball pitch. Of course, you’re not going to burn that many calories if you’re just standing fielding, but there is undoubtedly a good opportunity for fitness for the batter and a pitcher.

  1. Downhill Skiing

It may surprise you that downhill skiing only carries a 391 cal burn each hour, but of course, a lot of the time, you are just having to maintain your balance while gravity does the rest. However, it is a great fun way to get some exercise and play sports.

  1. Golf

Golf can burn 391 cal per hour, but here’s the catch: you must be your own caddy and carry the clubs to ensure that you really work that body. Nevertheless, it’s a popular sport and certainly one that many people enjoy.

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is a great way to play sport and get healthy with an estimated calorie burn of 364 per hour. In addition, it is very physical, and playing on the sand means that you are engaging your core muscles to even stay upright, let alone hit the ball over the net. The only downside of volleyball is it’s not a solo activity, and you do need some teammates.

  1. Bowling

Last but not least on the list is bowling. You can actually burn 273 calories an hour on the bowling lane, and it’s a great social sport. So, grab your friends, change into your bowling shoes and head to the nearest bowling alley for some excellent sporting fun.

Wrap Up

Whichever sport tickles your fancy will keep you active and in shape. Which one is your favorite?

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