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The Social Giant – How to Throw a Huge Party on a Small Budget

If given half the chance, we would all throw parties to rival any MTV bash.  However if you don’t have MTV money and still want to throw a party with the same wow-factor, crack out the party hats and follow these simple steps.

Secure the essentials
party photoDefine what assets your party needs to be successful and put your budget towards those non-negotiables. Think of what your guests are going to be talking about the next day and what will immortalize your soiree. Snappy Photobooths are a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and gives people a tangible take home to plaster their fridge or work station with.
Great entertainment is another essential, whether you have a DJ, live band or some crowd favorites playing through your iPhone – keep your guests guessing! Once you have booked your booth and entertainment, the rest of the budget can be spent on other things to make your party memorable.
Less is always more
Your guests don’t need to know your budget, and by embracing some fresh party ideas they never will.  Forget set menus or cater waiters and back up the truck, literally. Food trucks are a unique party favor and booking one for the night won’t break the bank.
Low maintenance venue
garden party photoSinking your budget into a hotel ballroom or conference room can get quite expensive. Instead seek out ovals, parks and marquees as they will accommodate all the guests you desire and there will be little to no costs for the space. With nature as your backdrop, watch the atmosphere turn electric as the sun goes down. A wider open space will also afford different areas like a dance floor, fire pit or a spot to simply converse with friends.
Let your guests be the theme
Contrary to popular Pinterest boards, you probably can’t afford those elaborate theming concepts. Pick a theme and let the guests transform the vibe. 70’s, Rocky Horror or Gatsby – the options are endless and nothing builds party anticipation like a theme.
Nobody grows tired of games
Except maybe Spin The Bottle.  Litter your party with jumbo Connect Four or Jenga. If outdoors, croquet makes for a great garden party, and your guests will thank you for the photo ops. Games and activities keep the party exciting and are typically low costs and can be used for future parties.
The success of your party is not reliant on a big budget, although you will need to think outside the box to make the party exciting and memorable. Put yourself in the shoes of your guest list and give them something to be excited about without breaking the bank.
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