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8 Things Your Business Didn’t Know Are (Nearly) Free

8 Things Your Business Didn’t Know Are (Nearly) Free

As consumers, we know that free stuff is a possibility. Restaurants handing out free slices of pizza at university open days, goodie bags from concerts, and upgrades on flights. But businesses tend to take a less excitable view. When people put on their entrepreneurial caps, everything suddenly starts costing money – a lot of money. 

That’s where this post can help. We take a look at 8 things your business didn’t know are (nearly) free. Done properly, these examples prove just how inexpensive running a new brand or company actually is. 

So, without further ado, what’s FREE?

SEO Tools

Oh, you knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It turns out that a large number of SEO tools are completely free. Google Search Console, for instance, doesn’t cost a penny, and it provides you with plenty of insights into what to do next. There are also various free AI tools, software that will write your ad copy for pennies, and keyword research tools that will provide you with relevant keywords and their level of competitiveness.

Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars on expensive marketing and search engine optimization services, but you certainly don’t need to do that from the start. Often the simplest tools are the most effective. 

Webinars And Workshops

things your business didn’t know are (nearly) free.

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Companies pay thousands of dollars for bespoke staff training, which eats into their R&D budgets significantly. But you may be able to sidestep these expenses with various free webinars and workshops. These provide your employees with education but often don’t cost a penny. 

Industry bodies put these on regularly, often as part of special events or celebrations. You might also be able to find competent social media creators who can provide free training on specific topics, like how to drive social media engagement. Take advantage of these workshops where possible, even if it means taking your people off the job. 

Government Resources

Governments also provide businesses with free stuff, primarily because they want to drive enterprise. State bodies and institutions may sometimes provide free training, guidance, or advice. Authorities may also provide more information about taxes upfront and even supply staff to help you apply and qualify for discounts.

Business Counseling Services

Business counseling services are another free resource the majority of companies are utterly unaware of. Many offer mentoring to help business leaders go further in their careers. 

You can also sometimes find free courses in your area on how to start and set up businesses for success. These educational sessions cover filing taxes, developing compelling marketing plans, and building products. Counseling services often run across a couple of days and provide helpful information on what to do next and how to proceed under stressful conditions. As such, you may need to spend some time away from your main business operations. 

Business Plan Templates

things your business didn’t know are (nearly) free.Once upon a time, you had to pay for business plan templates, but not anymore. Multiple sites now offer them for free. All you need to do is fill in the details. 

Business plans aren’t primarily for investors (though that can help). Instead, they are a form of guidance that pushes you in the right direction. Successful entrepreneurs often pin their templates up on the walls of their offices and read them daily to remind them to go in the right direction. It can be an exceptional brand-building tool. 


You can also reduce your business costs by using royalty free music in your media. Sure, you might still have to pay for a license to use the songs, but that’s often a one-off. Unlike regular music, you don’t need to pay a fee every time you play it. 

Using free music is a great option for anyone who operates a business in an area that’s known for regular crackdowns. Even putting the radio on in your shop could constitute a violation of IP rules. 

Social Media Platforms

Another free resource is social media platforms. These solutions let you engage with your audience at zero cost. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all essentially free at the point of use (even if you need to pay for marketing to grow brand awareness rapidly). Remember, you can do everything organically if you want. It just takes a little longer. 

Content Management Systems 

Entrepreneurs also benefit from free content management systems (CMS). These handy applications help to organize and arrange online content and rarely attract a premium. WordPress is the biggest in the world and doesn’t require users to pay a fee. However, even if you need to pay, the cost is usually low. We hope that you found use our blog post on things your business didn’t know are (nearly) free as a great resource.

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