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Timeless Wedding Themes

Wedding plans seem to be in the back of every girls mind; whether you’re a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid, or simply a girl getting ideas for her long awaited “someday.” It’s the someday we dream about as little girls that builds up to our own personal fantasy we hope to one day fulfill. We research rings, dresses, colors and venues just for fun, and many of us have our fairytale planned out before we’ve even found Prince Charming or own a home of our own!
Although times change and styles cycle in and out, if you’re fantasizing about your big day, here are a few wedding theme ideas that never go out of style.

1. City-Modern

New York, San Francisco, Chicago, DC – if you’re a city girl, you want to incorporate the bright lights and excitement in to your big day. Not only does the city provide various venues from water front’s to romantic roof-tops, but the ever changing landscape makes each picture unique. Before the wedding, jot down your favorite places in the city you love, and make sure to hit those with your photographer. If trendy, fast-paced, modern makes your feet dance and your heart melt, a city-themed wedding is exactly what will make your fairytale come true.
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2. Rustic
You may have grown up in a rural area, or you may just crave the quiet, clean and open spaces that the country provides. Either way, the rustic setting is perfect for your wedding. From wheat in your bouquet, to mason jar-center pieces, to flower head bands for your bridesmaids – your country-chic wedding is sure to make your audience sigh. If rustic calls your name, track down a barn or even a winery that is willing to host you. Bring paper lanterns and even ask if you can use the horses for a photo-op! If yellow sun-sets over wheat fields makes you want to cry, make your wedding rustic-themed in order to fulfill your dream.
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3. Nautical
For some girls, the water is where they feel most at home. There is something about standing on the shore and looking out over the deep blue that fills the heart to overflowing. If the thought of salty breeze and sand in your shoes gives you butterflies, then your wedding must be nautical. Think about renting out a yacht or walking down the aisle on the beach. With these options, you have the flexibility of dressing up your party or going casual-bare-foot, whatever suits your style. Try to plan your pictures for sunset so that you capture the warm natural light in contrast with the crisp water, and your day will surely be one to remember. If the natural, clean, simple boater look makes you tip your hat in approval, choose a nautical theme for your wedding and you won’t be disappointed.
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