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Quick Guide: Finding Royalty-Free Music for Podcast Recording

Quick Guide: Finding Royalty-Free Music for Podcast Recording

Today we want to share a quick guide on finding royalty free music for podcast recording. When starting a podcast, it’s vital to have good-sounding background music. But, it’s crucial to use jingles and sound effects. Most licenses ask for payment per download or use, while others offer free tracks. It’s a wise decision to get the latter. Here’s a quick guide when finding royalty-free music for free podcasting.

Why Apply Music to Podcast Recording?

Music brings a podcast recording to another level. It captivates listeners’ attention. Thus, increase your followers.

Create a vibe

Sound effects help set the tone of a podcast session. Upbeat and cheerful melodies give a positive vibe, while slow and somber tunes represent a gloomy mood. That’s why the audience can relate more to what they hear.

Add credibility

Royalty-Free Music for Podcas

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Podcast music brings professional value to the show. For example, a background song fills any dead space. So you build a better connection with the audience. Also, familiarity with the sound keeps listeners engaged until the end of the podcast session.

Aside from a relatable podcast topic, music brings life to a podcast recording. So, it’s best to place it wisely to serve its purpose.

Intro Music. An intro song sets the mood at the beginning of the session. Also, it invites more listeners to be part of it. So, find catchy and easy-to-remember music. A podcast jingle at the beginning helps in starting your brand as well.

Sound Beds. Segment change music is another name for it. It punctuates the transitions between various parts of the podcast recording. So, there’s a natural flow while changing from one thing to the next.

Outro Music. Outro music indicates the ending of the show. It maintains the continuity of the main and concluding segment. So, it’s the best time to thank your listeners and remind them to subscribe. Adding tunes to a podcast must strengthen the content, not distracting. So, choose a sound that isn’t overpowering and misleading the audience. Also, find royalty-free music for podcast recording.

What is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music gives podcast creators the right to use the music without paying royalties. It applies to every play and use of the music. However, not all are copyright-free. Most Royalty-free music comes from a source or company that pays the creators royalties. That’s why you can apply it to your show without spending a dollar for the royalties yourself. However, some royalty-free music still requires one-time payment or a subscription. So better choose the one that suits your budget.

7 Best Royalty-Free Music for Podcast

Royalty-Free Music for Podcast

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It proves how beneficial these sources of tunes are. So when looking for Royalty-Free Music for your podcast recording, take note of these best 7.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive (FMA) offers open-source music. Its archive is a massive collection of top-quality songs. All of these are suitable for podcasting. Also, it is free and accessible for both Android and iOS devices. FMA is user-friendly. Searching for the most popular track, genre, and application is hassle-free. Plus, there’s no need to credit the artist when applying their songs. provides a comprehensive music range. Also, it is highly accessible on social media. If you follow them and become a member, podcasters receive access to the WAV files of every beat. Finding royalty-free in is like browsing. Enter the genre you prefer, and it filters it all for you. Choose Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, and others based on preference.


Incompetech is an old yet well-known royalty-free music source. All of its music came from the artist named Kevin MacLeod. The majority of his songs are heard from Youtube videos and other podcasts. A podcaster needs to credit the artist to enjoy using Incompetech more. Then, the use of the track is charge-free. If not, purchase a license to get rights. Also, it has a unique option of downloading the whole collection at once.


Soundcloud is a massive platform. It allows podcast creators to upload the music straight from the source. It is very convenient in making the job done fast. Also, the search tool and filter let you see hundreds of results. All these are free and ready to download and use.

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Pixabay Music

Pixabay music provides access to free downloads of royalty-free music. It is suitable to use for commercial and non-commercial, podcast recording included. The interface of Pixabay is user-friendly. It has a detailed filter that refines the search for the best track. Its categories include genre, mood, and movement. Plus, it doesn’t require credit.


PremiumBeat is one of the top-source of royalty-free music. It asks for a subscription or a one-time fee. Once you’re subscribed, you can see its sound collection. All of which are perfect for intro and outro music, sound beds, background music, and more.

$64.95 for a Monthly Subscription – The basic starts at the cost of $64.95. It allows you to get 5 standard licenses for podcast recording.

$49 for a Single Purchase – If paying monthly is a pinch in the budget, a one-time payment is also a great choice. For $49, you have a standard license to all the songs of your choice. Finding royalty-free music here is fun and easy since the tracks are hand-curated. Also, there is a music section for food blogs, travel, and game. So whichever theme you need, it’s right here.

Youtube Audio Library

Most podcasters are not aware of what Youtube can offer for royalty-free music. It has an extensive selection of freely available songs. Plus, it provides unlimited downloads that are ready to use.

Look into the music library to search for track name, artist, and genre. Also, uploading podcasts on Youtube can overlay the downloaded track. It makes the download of songs easy. The best part of it all, you only need to create a Youtube account to get started. Music adds some flair and personality to a podcast episode. With the thousands of tunes available, choosing quality tracks with royalty-free music is the best choice.

Also, use a tried and tested transcription machine. It provides accurate transcribing that goes well with your podcast recording then smoothly convert mp4 to wav by Transcribe Wreally. It helps keep the engagement of every podcast episode.

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