Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon Using a Honeymoon Registry

Life should finally begin to calm down now that you’ve planned your wedding and visited the Azazie website to help your bridesmaids find the perfect dresses. Now it’s time to think about planning the perfect honeymoon. You are probably stressed beyond belief planning this amazing wedding, and even more stressed about standing on the altar to say I do. You deserve a perfect honeymoon, but it’s only going to happen if you take time to plan ahead and schedule the perfect trip.

honeymoon photoAre you looking to take an exotic trip in a tropical locale? Or maybe you want to visit Paris for the first time? Whatever your perfect honeymoon happens to be, just know that planning ahead is definitely the best way to ensure your experience is nearly perfect. With that said, let’s take a look at some powerful tips that guarantee you’ll have an amazing honeymoon if you follow them.

Create a Budget for Your Honeymoon

Many of today’s modern couples no longer expect the bride’s parents to pay for their wedding, so they end up paying for the entire experience themselves. If you are currently strapped for cash but still want to take a dream honeymoon, you’ll have to figure out your budget and stick within your financial means.

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To start things off, find out how much capital you have available right now. If you do not have enough money to take the honeymoon of your dreams, you have to figure out ways to come up with extra cash. One simple way is to forego a traditional wedding registry and set up a honeymoon registry on Honeyfund instead.

By going this route, you can let your wedding guests know all about your dream honeymoon and tell them how much are going to need in order to afford it, and then set it up so these important people in your life can provide monetary gifts instead of typical wedding gifts like plates, forks, spoons, toaster ovens and the like.

More often than not, modern couples already have full sets of silverware and appliances at this point in their lives. So they really don’t need duplicates anyway. By letting your wedding guests know this ahead of time, they’ll feel comfortable and confident that giving you a monetary gift is the best choice for you and your significant other.

Begin Planning Your Honeymoon Early to Get the Best Prices

wedding guests photoMost people are so busy with their wedding that they often neglect their honeymoon. This is a big mistake, because the earlier you plan the better. If you begin planning your perfect honeymoon and book it well in advanced – like six months ahead of time – you’ll be able to get the best prices possible, you’ll be able to get premium rooms in a specialized resort at a steep discount. Remember, the more time you leave yourself to plan the perfect honeymoon, the cheaper it’s going to be.

Make Your Honeymoon about Equal Parts of Adventure and Relaxation

Sure, you’re ready to go on an amazing adventure with your better half, but don’t forget to give yourself ample time to relax as well. Organizing and planning your wedding was a major stressful part of your life for the better part of the year, if not longer, and you deserve some much-needed downtime.

Obviously you’d love to go on an amazing adventure as well while on your honeymoon, and you should certainly explore and do plenty of fun and exciting things. Just remember to leave yourself a couple of days for relaxation purposes as well, because you’re going to need it after your whirlwind wedding finally comes to a close. Setting up a honeymoon registry will also allow you to choose the best suitable honeymoon trip, with both the adventurous and relaxing parts.


Planning the ideal honeymoon is never easy. But if you take time and really focus on what you want most out of this journey, you’ll be able to pull it off without a hitch using a honeymoon registry.

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