Large Cat Breed Guide

Large Cat Breed Guide

Today we want to provide  you with a large cat breed guide to help you understand the largest domestic cats that we love to own as pets. Some people are stuck in a sense between their love of cats and genuine affection for dogs. In some cases, the pet parent would go out and get one of each, but that can prove challenging, especially for new parents. Not all cats get along with the canine species, and some dogs prefer to chase felines instead of making nice.

Rather than deal with the impending chaos in the house, many people resolve to have the largest of domestic cat breeds. These massive beauties could almost pass as a dog but give the same wonderful features that you love in a cat.

What makes the animal surpass the dog species is their softness and the capacity to be independent, almost like a little (well, huge with these guys) grandma pottering around in the house. Plus, when the temperature drops, the feline is the ultimate at keeping the human companion warm and cozy.

large cat breed guide

Photo by Akbar Nemati on Pexels

Large Cat Breeds And The People Who Love Them

There are domestic cats in the world that would shock and amaze you with their incredible size. These aren’t the wildlife animals that you might have wandering through your mind, such as tigers or jaguars, or lions. They’re actually domestic cats born to reside in the home alongside a loving family with whom it’s probably close in size to the firstborn child. Some of the largest you’ll encounter include:

  • A Norwegian Forest: The beautiful kitty comes from Norway, where they refer to her as “Skogatt” or “forest cat.” The animal can weigh as much as 16 pounds or more but looks substantially bigger because of her massive fur coat. The hair is a must for protection against the Norway winters.

Because of the water-resistance of the coat, it can be a challenge to bathe this giant of an animal. A characteristic trait noted for this specific animal is its agility to back down a tree headfirst. As a whole, cats shimmy down backward or wait for rescue.

  • A Selkirk Rex: The animal is covered in curls, making it resemble a huge, loveable sheep. The origin of the breed came from a “spontaneous mutation” taking place within a Montana shelter that resulted in the curly-coated lovely.

The happy and affectionate feline doesn’t realize her size feeling quite content plopping down on her favorite pet parent. The animal is exceptionally friendly and social with all people and any pets she encounters.

  • A Manx: The Manx is a tailless cat with a round face complete with full round cheeks. The feline is infectiously outgoing and interactive with those in her circle, enjoying playful moments and being the laugh of the party. 

These can grow upwards of 20 pounds with a notably muscular frame. Males are generally larger than females due to the added muscular definition. The animal displays almost dog-like qualities, particularly its affection and loyalty.

  • A Maine Coon: The list would not be complete without the descendant of Maine. Though the cat is remarkably sized, she is terrified of her own shadow with voices that chirp in contrast to the massive shaggy body they display. 
large cat breed guide

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

The animal can weigh up to as much as 20 pounds, with the females weighing less and males sometimes going over the scale. While the animal loves to give affection, they can spend time on their own with not much problem.

Find a cat website to see the different cat breeds and find out whether you want a large breed or not. For those who don’t necessarily prefer a massive cat, you might get a not-so-pleasant surprise as your cat continues to grow into adulthood past what your expectations could ever have imagined. That’s why doing homework is always the recommendation to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For everyone who loves the gigantic creatures, you’ll find a wide array of these pleasant breeds from which you can choose one or two favorites. Many pet parents choose to rescue or adopt multiples for companionship, particularly if the animals will be left alone for extended periods.  

Regardless of the reason you love the giant cats, it’s wise to maintain a healthy weight even for the felines, even though the animal can eat far more than the diminutive counterparts. Large does not have to equate to overweight.

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