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Is Your Dog Happy? Here’s How to Improve Their Wellbeing

is your dog happy

Is your Dog happy? Here’s how to improve their wellbeing. If you’ve ever spent time staring at your dog, chances are you’ve wondered what’s going on in their mind. It can be hard to tell what your dog is thinking. It can be even harder to know if they’re really happy. Even when you spend all day and every day with your dog, knowing how they’re feeling can be a tough challenge. 

If you have a dog, you of course want it to feel happy. You want your pet to feel comfortable and relaxed. While they don’t have to worry about bills that need to be paid or getting to work on time, they still have their own dog-related issues going on. So, how can you help your dog to happiness? Improving your dog’s wellbeing is essential for them to truly thrive. You want your four-legged companion to have the best life, but knowing how to achieve this can be tricky. All dogs are different. Each has its own personality, along with likes and dislikes. However, there are a few things that could help your dog to feel that bit better. Here’s some inspiration to help:

Focus on diet

is your dog happy

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You know yourself that when you’re under the weather, your mood can suffer. No one feels happy and bouncy when they’re unwell, and your dog is likely the same. Experiencing pain and discomfort is bound to make your dog feel less than joyous. So, if you notice that your pooch is acting out of character or seems just more morose than usual, a trip to the veterinarians is a good call. 

Digestive issues are common in so many dogs. With some breeds more prone to these problems than others. It sounds gross, but if you notice changes in your pet’s poops or they seem more gassy than usual, food could be to blame. Assessing their diet and spotting any correlation between things they’ve eaten and their tummy troubles is a big help. Discuss this with your veterinarian, and they may identify a food allergy or other issue that’s causing the problem. 

Selecting a diet that’s right for your dog’s age, size, activity levels, and breed is especially important. You may also want to add a supplement to your dog’s diet to improve their wellbeing and ease anxiety and related problems. Using a product such as Naturecan’s CBD oil could help with this.

Get outside

Getting outside and into the fresh air is an excellent way to give your dog a wellbeing boost. Dogs love to be surrounded by different scenery and scents. So, getting outside and exercising is always a bit with pooches. You know that look of excitement that comes over your dog’s face when they spot you picking up their leash? Well, this shows just how much they love to accompany you outside on trips. All of that exercise is bound to boost their mood, and they’ll probably have a satisfied snooze when they get back, too.

Dogs that don’t get enough stimulation with outside exercise can act up in other areas of life. So they may show disruptive or destructive behaviors. This shows they are unhappy, but it can usually be easily solved with some exercise and fresh air.

If you leave your dog home for long periods, such as for work, you need to be extra sure they’re getting enough exercise. Taking your furry friend for a walk before work and one in the evening could help to reduce their separation anxiety as they will have burned off a lot of excess energy before you head out the house.

Add enrichment activities

While your dog may not be able to do a crossword puzzle or sudoku, they still need to keep their brain active. Mental stimulation can help your pet to feel so much happier, especially if there are treats involved! You can buy all kinds of games and dog toys for your dog to play with. Each of these can help them to provide enriching fun that they will really enjoy. Keeping your dog’s mind occupied can help to relieve feelings of anxiety and make them feel calmer. You can also teach them tricks to keep their mind busy and then reward them as they master their new skills. Your dog will love all the extra time and attention you’re giving them. This is also an ideal way to bond with your pet

When combined, each of the above can really enrich your pet’s life and your relationship with them. This is really beneficial for both of you.

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