How to Choose a House or Apartment to Rent Long-Term

how to choose a house or apartment to rent long-term

When you, either in a professional or a personal context, need to rent somewhere for the short-term, aspects such as the size of the property and, indeed, the provided amenities are naturally less important.

However, whether you are looking for somewhere to rent and to live for the long-term, there is a wide plethora of other things to consider. With this in mind, continue reading for some top tips on how to choose a house or apartment to rent long-term.

Why Did the Previous Tenants Leave?

One of the most important questions to ask, but unfortunately one which a lot of tenants are forget to, or indeed do not feel comfortable in asking, is who lived in the property beforehand and why it is that they left.

It could well be the case that they simply moved on to another property closer to a school or a new workplace, but it is certainly always worth finding out.

The Overall Condition of the Property

how to choose a house or apartment to rent long-term

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Remember that, especially when you view the photographs and walk-through videos of the property online, that everything has been done to make the space appear as light, clean, and large as possible. The only true way to ascertain the condition of a potential long-term rental property is to visit it several times, ideally in bad weather as well as in the sunshine.

When it comes to signing a contract on your rental, be sure to meticulously examine the types of insurance and indeed how comprehensive the different insurance policies are and whether or not they have been taken out with a reputable company such as

The Length of the Tenancy Agreement

When it comes to your intentions and, indeed, the reasons why you are moving out of your current home and choosing to rent your new property, this should reflect in your new tenancy agreement.

Also, bear in mind that, in the vast majority of cases, you will be required to pay a renewal fee each and every time you renew your tenancy agreement, so if you intend on residing in the property for many years, ask for an extended lease.

Are You Allowed to Make Changes?

For some people, when they are renting a property, they have no desire to personalize it as they are aware that the basic structure and, in some cases, its contents do not belong to them.

However, if you are planning on renting your house or apartment for the long-term, you will naturally want to make it feel like home and want to make adjustments or even superficial additions such as hanging pictures and photographs on the wall.

Thoroughly Read the Contract

Finally, as with any legal agreement and contract, even if you have fallen head over proverbial heels for the property, you still need to ensure that it has everything that you need, and moreover, the charges you are responsible for are crystal clear.

Look into how much the initial deposit will be, the types of tenancy fees, and the cost of referencing fees for each and every person.

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