How Racing Horses Live Like Kings

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Today we want to talk to you about how racing horses live like kings. Horse racing is a tough sport that puts a lot of pressure on racehorses – and anyone who has visited the racetrack will know just how much effort a racehorse puts in to a race. There’s so much at stake for trainers, owners and jockeys alike that it’s no surprise that the pressure is on. What’s more, the reputation of each racehorse can make or break its chances of securing future races, encourage more betting on horses to place from punters or even put it in higher demand for breeding purposes. All this makes a racehorse a prized creature that deserves a pampered lifestyle, something that many people would be surprised to learn they have. Racehorses live like kings – here’s a glimpse into the pampered lives of racing horses.

A Luxurious Lifestyle

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An investment this important needs to be looked after to a high standard. A brilliant example of just how cared for racehorses was the transfer of Moreno from California to West Virginia. In order to limit the amount of stress the horse had to undergo, it was flown in a specialty plane to Kentucky to rest for the night on the family farm before being housed in a custom van while listening to ‘Duelling Banjos’ for the rest of the journey. There’s no doubt that these measures were expensive, but it was deemed a worthwhile expense in order to keep the horse calm. And the evidence was clear the next day when he won the Classic.

A Structured Schedule

Racehorses have a strict schedule to ensure they stay fit and healthy throughout their career. Their day starts early at around 5am where they have their first feed of the day, followed by rides out until midday to get their exercise. They then have a second feed at lunchtime and some quiet time afterwards until mid-afternoon to rest and recuperate after a busy morning. From 3.30 until 5.30, the horse is groomed and checked thoroughly for any potential injuries or inflammation. They then may have another feed in the evening and a quick check once more to make sure they’re healthy. This regimen of regular feeds, exercise and grooming keeps the horse in top condition for competing and a great way of life.

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Great Treatments

Racehorse owners love their horses and they have a strong bond with them, so it’s unsurprising that they love to pamper them. Racehorses receive excellent treatment from a young age right through to their final days, whether it’s a comfortable stall that has been designed to minimize vibrations and noise, to air conditioning so they stay cool in warmer months. Even their food is carefully measured and chosen to provide the perfect balance of nutrients. Racehorses travel in better conditions than most people too. With a thoroughbred being worth so much money, they treatment and care is of paramount importance. This isn’t just because they can bring in such huge prizes and even more in breeding potential, but because owners value their animals so highly.

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