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Are Puzzle Games Good for Anxiety?

Are Puzzles Games Good for Anxiety?  Well one thing we know is that in the U.S., anxiety disorders are very common.  Many of us deal daily with stress and worrying thoughts about work, family and the future. There are many different levels of anxiety, and while some conditions require therapy and medication, others can be treated simply by changing your lifestyle.  Research suggests that you can actively reduce your anxiety levels by doing things that will reduce stress. One of these things is to play puzzle games.

puzzle gamesThere are plenty of puzzle apps available that you can play for free. With free puzzle games on your phone you can take short breaks and relax with some fun entertainment. Choose a game like Bubble Shooter Classic that’s easy to understand and you can start playing right away. Puzzle games are the perfect antidote to stress, taking your mind away from your worries.  A break from troublesome thoughts is something that can reduce anxiety a great deal. So yes, puzzle games are very good for anxiety and fun too!

Why are puzzle games good for anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety you will benefit from taxing your brain in a constructive way. Puzzle games can also strengthen your brain function in a positive manner. If your brain works harder it can lead to reduction of momentary anxiety. You can try this by sitting down with a puzzle that demands your concentration, such as Sudoku. When you have finished the puzzle, not only will you feel relaxed and calm, but you will also have strengthened your brain and reduced the risk of future anxiety attacks.

Nip the anxiety in the bud

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It is possible to use puzzle games to prevent anxious feelings from surfacing. To do so you need to be very self-aware. You need to recognize how you feel right before your anxiety escalates. For moderate level anxiety you can use mental tasks such as puzzles to reduce your stress levels. While playing a puzzle game you should try to remind yourself that you are in control of your stress levels. It is recommended to reinforce this practice by saying positive affirmations out loud, for example “I can control this and I will not go mad or die”.

Combine puzzle games with physical activities

It is also good to move more when you feel the anxiety setting in. Going for a run or exercising to music according to a pattern that you have to follow can be a great solution. If you are not at the gym when you start feeling nervous you could use an instructional DVD or CD. By focusing on the instructions you take your mind off the worry and stress. A meditation with breathing exercises on a CD can also be beneficial.

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Make sure to sleep

When you are done with the puzzle games, you might want to try to catch a nap or go to sleep for the night.  Lack of sleep can certainly lead to anxiety disorders. If you don’t sleep enough, you are far more likely to have an anxiety attack. By playing puzzle games and exercising you can calm down enough to start feeling sleepy. Take this opportunity to get some rest. Avoid drinking coffee late at night and see what a wonderful change more downtime can bring about.

Try CBD 

One thing that you could try for your anxiety is CBD. But what is CBD? CBD comes from the cannabis plant. CBD helps to make you feel calmer when you are stressed and anxious making you more able to get on with your normal day-to-day routine. 

Unlike the cannabis drug,CBD does not contain any of the chemicals that get you high. You can take CBD as and when needed, and you are safe to drive after taking it. 

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