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In an age where sharing your vacation photos on Facebook and punching out 144-character tweets is considered “keeping in touch,” it’s safe to say that not many people write to each other anymore. Forget passing notes in class (mine of which, I’ll admit, contained lengthy descriptions of a conversation I had with some cute boy that day or a joke between me and my friends): there’s texting now! And who has time to type more than just enough?
Way back when, there was such a thing as pen pals, and these individuals would write letters back and forth to each other—and actually paid for a stamp to send this off!—and the mail carrier in town was easily the person you were most excited to see each day. But now, quickly replaced with the digital world, writing letters or sending cards is a dying art. That, sadly, even goes for myself. Though I journal semi-daily in private, the last time I remember sending someone else a thoughtful letter was five(?) years ago when a good friend of mine spent the fall in basic training, and I only wrote him because he wasn’t allowed to have a cellphone. As soon as he got it back, the letters stopped and were replaced with short text messages that went something along the lines of “How are you?” and “Cool, have a good day!”

Now, Hallmark is bringing thoughtful back with their new #SignatureStyle collection. Not only will this line inspire you to write to friends both old and new, but now you can do so in style. From decorative blank cards to embellished wedding cards and a smiling cloud on a baby “shower” card (get it?), there’s a card to fit everyone’s personality, style, and unique voice. Simply put: there’s a whole lot to love, and even more to say.

Be sure to share your favorite cards, coupled with your serious style, using the hashtag #SignatureStyle and join the movement to bring thoughtful back! Hey, even Nina Garcia’s on board.
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