Good Ways to Put Your Faith Into Action

Good Ways to Put Your Faith Into Action

Having a faith and living your faith are two different things. You might believe in God, but if you do not take action in regard to your faith, then you are probably not living your faith as deeply as you could.  If you want to get further into your faith, and engage with it more deeply, here are a few ways you can start putting your faith into action right now:

Participate in church event

Putting one’s faith into action is a key part of being a church member. Church events are a great way to do this, as they provide opportunities to serve others and to grow in one’s faith. There are a variety of church event ideas that can be implemented, depending on the needs of the church community. For example, a church event could be organized to raise funds for a local charity. Or, the church could host an event to promote church membership or even just to bring the community together. No matter what the event is, it is an opportunity to put one’s faith into action and to make a difference in the world.

Take a course

So many of us read our holy books time and time again, without ever really understanding all of the nuances contained within, Taking a 70 weeks prophecy or attending a regular bible study with your pastor, for example, can help you to really get to the heart of what those words on the page really means for you and your faith, so you can start truly living the way your god intended you to because you will really know what is being asked of you.

Help someone

One of the best ways to live your faith is by helping someone who is in need. God told us to love our neighbor as ourselves, and most religions have similar tenants, which implore us to offer kindness and support to the people in our communities.

By serving soup at a homeless shelter or cleaning up a local park so the children have somewhere to play, for example, we can live our faith in a way that is not passive, but active; in a way that actually enables us to make a difference to the world, and there is nothing better than that.


put your faith into action

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There are some people who think that prayer is an idle activity. They do not believe that any of us can change anything by praying because they do not believe in God’s word, but those of us who do believe know that God can and does answer prayers, and by praying to him and asking for guidance, we can make a difference here on Earth, So, instead of flopping in front of the TV every night, carve out some time to think and pray and your faith will grow in ways you can only imagine.

Spread the word

No, you don’t have to go out and preach or try to convert the neighbors to your religion, and doing so might not be desirable at all, but if you want to put your faith into action, then helping out at a local Sunday school or reading the Bible to a believer at the local senior citizen’s community could be a really positive way to put your faith into action and help the people around you.

Offer forgiveness

Instead of holding onto grudges against the co-worker who stole the promotion from you or the aunt who said mean things about you, do what you can to forgive them. Forgiveness is something that most religions agree is important, and by learning to let go of grudges, you will not only transform your own heart, but the hearts of the people you forgive, and the wider community who see you practicing forgiveness and compassion. It’s amazing how quickly a simple act of forgiveness can spread.

Start a gratitude journal

Instead of complaining about everything from the way the guy in front cut you up on your morning drive to the amount of noise your kids are making, sit down and count your blessings instead. God made the world just as it is and he never throws anything at us we do not have the ability to handle with his help, so looking on the positive side is a powerful way to put your faith into action, and a gratitude journal will help you with that.

Simply take a few minutes out each evening to write down as many things you were thankful for as you can think of, from a hot cup of coffee to a pretty sunrise, and you will soon be praising God in all his glory for just how wonderful life here on earth really is.

Putting your faith into action is not always easy, and you might feel some resistance to it when you have to change various aspects of your life to make it possible, but it will almost certainly bring you closer to god and you will almost certainly feel more enriched in your life if you do, and of course, your God will always be around to help you when you are struggling. So, what are you waiting for? Time to put your faith into action right now.

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