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TikTok Star Benji Krol Uses Makeup as a Portal to Self-Transformation

Benji Krol felt pressure to be a certain type of person – until TikTok showed him another path. “At school, I always felt like I couldn’t fully put myself out there, like I was stuck in a box,” he admits. “When I started using TikTok, I finally found an outlet for myself, and I haven’t stopped since! I still don’t know how I juggled both school and posting so many TikToks, but I’m happy I did because it allowed my outlet for creation to become my job!” And what a job it’s turned out to be! Benji’s TikTok has now amassed over 32 million followers. He adores not only being able to bring his visions to fruition, but to do so with an audience. “The act of coming up with an idea and then being able to go and create it is my favorite part. But what’s different with social media is that I get to put my ideas out there and create a whole community of people who enjoy them.”

The platform opened his mind to the multitudes of creative possibilities available within makeup. “Growing up, I always saw makeup as one dimensional, being only used to look ‘pretty.’ But when I first downloaded TikTok, I saw people using it more creatively and I thought that it looked fun, so I started trying out my own looks! What’s funny is I really had no idea what to do when I was starting – I even used regular paint which is definitely not good for your skin!” Makeup represents a medium of transformation. “What’s awesome about makeup is that you can become anyone or anything you want to be. To me, makeup is just another form of art, and in my opinion also one of the best ones since the canvas is yourself.” He eventually started experimenting with more elaborate looks. “My favorite look that I’ve done is definitely my 2020 look for the ‘heat miser snow miser’ trend. It was the second time I did a full face and hair look and the colors were so beautiful. I was so proud of it.” Rest assured that those skills don’t develop overnight. “I started by literally using actual paint so if that doesn’t show you that you can start with no knowledge at all, then I don’t know what will,” Benji laughs. “But really, don’t stress about being amazing immediately, I still make tons of mistakes but that’s also why makeup remover exists, don’t worry!” 

Benji has discovered the joy of being his authentic self and would like to share that delight. “As I’ve continued my journey, I’ve realized the times I’m the most happy are when I’m being myself. So as I continue I hope that people will be inspired to put themselves and who they truly are out there as I try to do.” He envisions his content becoming even more far reaching. “I really want to push the genderless aspect of makeup and become someone who people of every sexuality and gender can relate to. My goal is to continue to have fun and be myself through my content, and create my own brand which is representative of me and what I stand for. But I do have a lot more planned!” His only limitations are the boundaries of his imagination. 

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TikTok Star Benji Krol Uses Makeup as a Portal to Self-Transformation. Photo Credit:Courtesy of Benji Krol.

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