FREY is Changing How You Think About Laundry

Problems in society can be overlooked for years without even being noticed, let alone solved.  Yet once a problem is noticed, isn’t there an obligation to solve it? FREY believes so.

In the laundry detergent industry, there are many such problems. Most laundry detergents damage people’s clothing without their knowledge, are harmful to the environment, and are using the same old formulations, scents, and advertisements tailored to an outdated stereotype regarding women and laundry. FREY is here to revolutionize how society views laundry.

Take a walk down any laundry detergent aisle, and look at the products around you. In almost every way, the laundry detergent industry is perpetuating the outdated stereotype that only women do, or should be doing, laundry. For generations, the default has been for the grandmother, mothers, wives, and girlfriends in the household to perform this chore. The industry continues to create products and advertisements explicitly tailored to women, without any product designed to appeal to men, subtly perpetuating these stereotypes whether it intends to or not.

Millions of men live on their own, performing their own chores. More and more men who don’t live alone take on these household responsibilities, breaking down these stereotypes. Men have their own hair products, grooming products, conditioners, and shampoos, and there are a plethora of men’s only clothing lines. Yet, despite all of this, laundry detergents remain tailored to women.

FREY is here to change that. The first of its kind, FREY is a premium detergent carefully designed and meticulously crafted to fit the modern man’s lifestyle. More than simply being a superior product for men, FREY is revolutionizing the industry and helping to catalyze an important national conversation about the role of gender in household chores.

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Of course, in addition to sparking this national conversation, FREY set out to create one of the best laundry products on the market. And although FREY Detergent was created to be a brand for men, it is wonderful to see it praised and used by many women who love its cleaning power, unique scent, and designer-label and athletic-wear safe features.

FREY boasts an intoxicating scent inspired by the top men’s colognes. Dozens of ingredients, incorporating the same fragrances found in these top-shelf colognes, over a year of research and development, countless trials and iterations, and a partnership with one of the top fragrance houses of the East Coast landed FREY at their proprietary Oak & Musk scent.

But FREY is much more than scent. Incredibly, it’s a little-known fact that many of the chemicals found in typical detergents, such as whiteners, brighteners, and phosphates that can give the temporary illusion of cleaner clothes, can actually damage your clothing and reduce their lifespans. Ever question why that shirt that you once loved feels so different and inferior after several washes? Ever wonder why your athletic gear and any spandex material you wash begins to lose its elasticity and moisture-wicking properties? FREY is formulated to help negate these effects, lengthening the lifespan of your favorite garments and athletic wear. FREY maintains its cleaning power with a proprietary gentle enzyme blend and a strong surfactant to produce a top-notch clean without many of the negative consequences of other detergents.

In addition to helping catalyze a change in the perception of household chores, FREY was created to make an impact on other parts of our world. FREY is an eco-friendly detergent, because protecting our world matters. As a brand for men striving to make a difference for all, FREY also donates 10% of its profits to charities such as Americares, the Movember Foundation, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

Try FREY; they are so confident you will love it, and if you are not satisfied, they have a no-questions-asked guarantee. Visit for details, and feel free to contact them with any questions or comments at [email protected].

FREY is not simply a premium laundry detergent, tailored to men. It’s a movement, a creation attempting to affect change on the world. It’s for the trendsetters, the people striving to make an impact, the men and women who stand by their values, even down to the products they choose. We look forward to welcoming you to the movement.

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