Graze: A Tasty and Healthy Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and like good sons and daughter, we’re all running around trying to find the perfect gift for the mother figure in our life this year. Flowers are always a great go-to option, but if your mother is anything like mine, then she might just love a good snack during the day a little more. From healthy popcorn to dark chocolate covered almonds, there’s not a snack my mother hasn’t tried at least once—or so I thought, until I discovered Graze.

Graze is a nutritious snacking subscription service that you can receive on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, tailored especially to your snacking preference. At just $11.99 per box, the snack experts at Graze will deliver an assortment of eight fresh treat packs straight to your home based on your profile. Only want gluten-free snacks? Done! Not a fan of raisins? Gone! Tell them what you like and what you don’t, and let them pick the perfect snacks to last you the week. You can also schedule your box for whenever you want it to arrive, or postpone it if you’re going away.
graze sweet treats box 2
With Graze, your mother is bound to discover some new snacking options and favorite combinations. It’s truly the sweetest gift that keeps on giving.
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Graze: A Tasty and Healthy Mother’s Day Gift: Photographs courtesy of Graze

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