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Feeling Irritable As Of Late? Let’s Consider Why

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Feeling irritable is a natural emotion to have sometimes. You might feel it when stuck in traffic, when listening to someone who seems to talk at a snails pace or repeats part of their story time and time again, or if we get bad news we weren’t expecting. Some might just become annoyed by the constant repetitive seasonal music at this time of year. Anyone who has tried to have a tired child put on their shoes for the schoolday ahead knows this feeling.

Yet constant irritability is not necessarily a sign that you’re just a peeved person, but it could be indicative of a larger issue. It’s not normal to feel continually stressed, annoyed, and as if your temper could fray at any moment – especially if this isn’t your usual personality. While it might be easy to identify issues like toothache causing this emotion, sometimes the problem might be harder to gauge.

But gauging the issue is what we hope to help you do here, today, or at least provide you an avenue to move forward in the best way. How do we achieve such a thing? In the following post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Have You Been Sleeping Well?

Feeling irritable

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Sleep is more important than you might recognize. If you’re not getting enough sleep, this can raise your cortisol levels or prevent your body from properly processing it, and it hurts your ability to heal your body and mind. Investing in your sleeping comfort, such as with four-poster beds, can make a tremendous difference to how comfortable you are, how supported you feel by well-implemented pillows and duvets, and how many unbroken hours of sleep you get. Try to reassert your sleep schedule if you can, and gain 7-9 hours a night. Try to be regular. It could make a difference.

A Medical/Dental Issue

Sometimes, irritability is a side effect of a health issue. In some cases this might be noticeable, in others, not. Constant irritability could signify low blood sugar, hormonal imbalances, pre-menstual syndrome, stress, or even digestive issues. Heading to a doctor, and discussing if anything has changed in your life recently, can help them better find a worthwhile solution. Of course, a physical issue might not be the distinctive problem here. You may find that you need to address:

Deep Dissatisfaction, Unaddressed Emotions

It might be that you’re suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or another issue that could do with some professional help. There’s no shame in this, in fact it shows a real strength to ask for assistance when you need it, and that’s far from a platitude. Repressed emotions can sometimes lead to irritability, stress and eventual blow-ups when we feel as though nothing is going to change, and all of this can happen at the subconscious level. A counsellor or doctor can help you better express yourself and find the correct referral – for instance, it might be that grief or post-traumatic responses are issues you’re still dealing with from years ago, and pressure in your environment is causing those emotions to surface once more.

With this advice, we hope you can better find a way out of your irritability, and benefit as a result.

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