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How to Keep Your Backpacks Safely in a car While Traveling

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Road excursions have become a dream for travelers because of this pandemic. It’s been an entire year, and individuals are still locked up in their dwelling places, hoping that things will go back to normal. With the setting in motion of several vaccines around the globe, it appears that it’ll be business as usual in no time. People have begun arranging road trips that they wish to complete immediately after the pandemic ends with that hope.

If you’re one of them, then you’ve got lots of work to do. Keep reading to learn more.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Tying the Luggage on a Vehicle’s Roof

A traveler should have a sufficient understanding of how to secure baggage on the roof and carry it on top of the vehicle since one requires plenty of space in the car for being cozy all through the journey as they travel. However, there are several points you need to have in mind before getting into securing the belongings on the car roof:

One of these tasks is to tie your backpacks to your car’s roof rack since there might not be sufficient space in the vehicle. Perhaps you don’t know how to secure luggage on a roof rack.

  • What kind of roof does your vehicle have? Some cars have pre-installed roof racks on their top, while others have a plain surface on their ceilings. Experts consider vehicles with pre-fixed roof racks safer.
  • Ensure that you bring the supplies you might require as you bind the baggage on your car’s roof. You may need a roof rack, rope, tarp, bungee cords, and cam or ratchet straps.
  • Ensure that you’ve fixed the belongings tightly once you finish all the tasks because an accident might occur if they fell on the highway.

What to Consider Before Buying a Roof Rack

If your vehicle doesn’t have a roof rack already and you’re planning on buying one, here are some of the things you should consider before the purchase:


Price is usually an essential factor. Consider comparing prices on various (online) stores and settling for the best deal. Remember, don’t go for too cheap as it will be costly in the long run.


Everyone has preferences. You may love square crossbars or round ones; need additional light, want as low-profile a rack as possible; think that silver is an excellent complement, or go all back. Different rack producers all have slightly varying styles, and you should look at a few before making an eventual decision.

What You Intend to Carry

Individuals typically purchase a roof rack since they want to place particular mounts on them (cargo boxes, bike racks, kayak carriers, etc.) or already have some roof mounts. It’s least costly and simplest to remain within a similar label when buying roof rack mounts and a roof rack.

If it Fits Your Car

Although most roof rack formations have some modular parts, your vehicle’s model, year, and make will determine your particular alternatives.

Parts of a Roof Rack

It has three main components:

  • Feet/ towers- it’s the costliest and primary part of a roof rack. They bear the mass of everything on your roof.
  • Fit components- you need them to mount towers to your vehicle. They’re usually made up of bottom pads that are rubber bases that sit between the tower and your roof and clamps/ clips that fix the tower to your particular rail, roof-line, etc.
  • Crossbars- typically several bars that run across the vehicle roof’s width, which you then mount your activity-particular racks to.

How to Tie Backpacks on a Roof Rack Safely

A roof rack is a convenient product that can only serve its purpose if you know how to use it. When attempting to tie belongings on a vehicle’s roof, each item you use in this procedure must have various instruments to utilize them. It’s a wise move to read all these guidelines for efficient outcomes in the end.  

Professionals recommend having a roof rack in your car since they make securing your backpacks and other items much more accessible. You can loop ropes or straps around the rack’s cross rails and side. Thus, the strings will hold the baggage more tightly.

Here are some tasks that you must implement once you install the roof rack:

  • Stack the gear evenly over the roof and inside the rack, so they are correctly placed.
  • Always try to keep bulkier belongings first on the roof and then the lighter ones.
  • Place a tarp over the baggage to secure them and hinder them from falling after placing the luggage correctly on the rack.

Pro Tip: Here’s a tip that you should bear in mind while fixing big luggage into your roof rack: Massive gear is the one that catches plenty of wind, so it helps to strap it down to the frame and car to hinder it from falling on the rough roads.

Also, you should remove the rack from the car when you’re not using it as it might increase your pump costs due to the overweight.

Luggages and Bags arranged on the car roof ready for a trip in sky background

The Benefits Of Having A Roof Rack

There are many benefits to having a roof rack on your car. Not only does it make it easier to transport large items, but it can also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. When you have a roof rack, the wind resistance is reduced, and your car doesn’t have to work as hard to move forward with it’s tyres from This can save you money at the pump! In addition, a roof rack can also come in handy during bad weather. If you need to evacuate your home in a hurry, a roof rack will allow you to take all of your belongings with you.


Roof racks can make your traveling experience enjoyable and unforgettable. But they can also lead to more fuel consumption. The key is knowing how to install and use them. And, you need to buy them from a certified vendor if your car doesn’t have them already. Try them on your next trip and experience the difference!

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