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A Social Smoker’s Guide to Keeping Your Cool: 5 Tips for Avoiding an Anxious High

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Today we want to provide you with a social smokers guide to keeping your cool – 5 tips for avoiding an anxious high. Ask any experienced stoner, and they’ll admit more than one time they’ve fallen prey to an anxious high. Whether it’s an unsuspecting potent hit or an unfamiliar setting, sometimes an unsettling feeling creeps up. This unsavory scenario rings especially true if you are attending a 420-friendly event.

While herb festivals and stoner gatherings promise an unforgettable night of bonding and laughter, there is also bound to be some serious smoking. In the company of veteran stoners, you may even dabble with dab rigs from retailers like MJ Arsenal. Dabs are a highly potent form of wax concentrates, making it more likely that first-timers will encounter temporary herb-induced anxiety after a big hit. 

Are you gearing up for a social gathering of stoners? Learn how to keep your cool with these five tips for avoiding an anxious high. 

Give in to the munchies 

Avoiding an Anxious High

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The next time feelings of panic start to bubble, head to the nearest kitchen or food truck and grab some grub. Indulging in a tasty snack distracts your brain and acts as a cure-all for hyper-fixation on rising anxiety. As a bonus, your heightened senses will leave your mod podge of pantry items tasting like a five-star meal when you’re high. If possible, flex your creative muscle and make something unique. You never know when you might create the next big cuisine trend. 

Just breathe 

A simple breathing technique slows a racing heart and can ground the mind in reality. Take a deep breath and remember that anxiety or panic are temporary feelings. Try a tried and true yogi method by plugging the right nostril and breathing through the left. Inhale for five counts and hold for two, then exhale fully for a count of five. Repeat the process about ten times, and feel free to count in your head. Flooding your body with oxygen is the best way to calm the nervous system and ward off herb anxiety. 

Be picky 

Avoiding an Anxious High

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Different strains of bud have various effects on the brain and body. Indica produces an intense body high. Some stoners even refer to it as a sedative strain. On the other hand, Sativa is known to have more psychoactive effects, including stimulating an overactive mind. For smokers prone to anxiety, stick with an Indica strain and settle in for a comfortable couch session

Add some CBD 

Before heading out to a social smoking event, arm yourself with some CBD. The non psychoactive compound in herb, CBD, helps regulate mood and calm the mind. You can find the compound in various forms and doses, including tinctures, capsules, and even topical salves. When you start to feel overwhelmed, consuming even a tiny amount of CBD will balance out a psychoactive overload. 

Try some black pepper 

If you find yourself truly greening out, seek out a common household ingredient. Found in any restaurant or kitchen, black peppercorns can provide instant relief from an impending panic attack. Experienced stoners will chew or sniff pepper to reset their senses and pick them out of a bad trip. 

Final thoughts 

Even veteran stoners experience a flower-induced anxiety attack from time to time. The most important thing to remember is that the feelings will pass, and it’s all in your head. With this guide and like-minded stoners at your side, you can overcome any anxiety that comes your way. 

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