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6 Smart Ways to Stimulate Your Creative Juices

stimulate your creative juices

Today we want to share 6 smart ways to stimulate your creative juices. Using your creativity can be complicated. Many times, people engage in a type of creative venture only to realize that there is no flow of ideas and inspiration. This is normal as it can happen to anyone. You just need to find a way to stay motivated and get the creative juices flowing.  Keep in mind that creativity is different in every person. What works best for you might not work for another person.

Simple Ways to Boost your Creativity

Take a walk

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According to a study done by Stanford, walking can boost creativeness. Walking, both outdoors and indoors inspired creativeness. Many people claim they can be very creative when walking. Creativeness is triggered by the environment and walking itself. Change the scenery by going outside. Stimulate your minds, get your blood pumping, and increase the oxygen to your brain. And even without realization, ideas will start flowing.

Take a break

Creativity is a type of skill that you can train yourself to be better. However, it is equally vital that you do not put a lot of force on yourself. If you have been staring outside and waiting for ideas to flow and you are coming out with nothing, consider taking a break. Change the environment, clear your mind, and put your focus on something else.

Feeling stressed out can sometimes interfere with your creativity; simply CBD products can help reduce the stress. Stress affects a part of the brain that nurtures creativity and learning.

Listen to music

As stated earlier, ways to boost creativity works differently on different people. Some people might find listening to music to be more relaxing and soothing. A recent study states that listening to happy music promotes differing thinking; which is a significant element of creativity. Listening to music can trigger memories and emotions that usually result in some fantastic ideas.

Get some exercise

stimulate your creative juices

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Exercise is the key when it comes to your physical and mental transformation. Exercises, particularly aerobic exercises, are known to stimulate Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). This element encourages the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that plays a significant role in long-term memory. Exercise can also improve brain function and reduce stress.

Try to exercise whenever you feel like no ideas are flowing through your head.

Surround yourself with creative people

When it comes to creativity, some things set individuals apart. A lot of it is reliant on the inherent skills that are self-taught; however, there are some other skills, abilities, and methods that can be refined. Enhance your creativity by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you, creative people, and those who uplift you. Consider learning from others too.

Make time for creativity

People make the mistake of sitting in one place and waiting for ideas to flow, they fail to see that creativity is a skill that can be developed and refined. Change the way you think of creativity and set aside some time for creative thinking only.


There are many ways of boosting your creativity. Ensure that you stay creative and remember that not every method will work for you, what works best for a friend might not work for you. Your creativity side can come out at different areas, moods, and even times.

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