How To Significantly Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Today we want to share some great ways on how to significantly reduce your electricity bill. Everyone loves electricity due to the convenience it brings, but it’s safe to assume we all hate paying for it. The US Energy Information Administration’s data indicates that the average monthly electric bill for residential customers in the country was $115. This amount can quickly add up over a year, so it is prudent to find ways to cut down your electricity costs to enjoy some energy savings. If you are dreading the thought of your next electric bill or can’t understand why your energy costs are skyrocketing, here are some practical tips you can rely on to reduce your electric bill significantly.

  • Use ceiling fans

A ceiling fan is an addition that may not necessarily improve your home’s value significantly. However, a ceiling fan is worth considering for your home to lower your electric bill. These fans can make any room feel ten degrees cooler, and the US Natural Resource Defense Council estimates that they use a meager 10% of the energy consumed by central air conditioners to keep your house cool. Therefore, install and use your ceiling fans to keep cool during hot seasons instead of relying on your air conditioner.

  • Switch to solar

reduce your electricity billSolar energy is the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking to reduce their electricity bills over the long term. Nowadays, many solar companies sell panels you can readily invest in to harness the sun’s limitless energy for your home. Solar energy is renewable since the sun’s rays are almost always shining. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly because no harmful emissions are released when solar panels produce electricity. Also, the photovoltaic process that converts sunlight into electricity doesn’t need any fuel and has no variable expenses, so you enjoy low operating costs with solar. Although there is an initial upfront cost associated with solar energy use, you can reduce your electricity costs in the long run since you don’t have to buy all of your electricity from a provider.

  • Configure your thermostat

Heating and cooling consume a reported 55% of the energy used in US homes. Therefore, using your thermostat wisely can help you reduce your electricity consumption since it is your personalized weather center. Experts believe lowering your thermostat by just two degrees can save you up to 5% of your heating bill. Consequently, consider investing in a smart thermostat that adjusts to your desired temperature to save you time and money. Additionally, position this thermostat in the right place for the best results. A thermostat placed near a draft or in direct sunlight can start altering the temperature needlessly and affect your electricity budget. Instead, position your thermostat on an interior wall close to your home’s center, away from the kitchen, windows, hallways, doors, and direct sunlight.

  • Switch electricity providers

Switching to a new energy provider is a quick way to lower your electricity bill without altering your habits. Therefore, you may be able to pinch pennies on your electricity bill by shopping around for a better deal if you have been with the same provider for years. Energy companies are constantly changing their products and prices, so a good deal you received when you signed up may become a bad one a year or two down the line. Consequently, shop around for the cheapest tariffs using a price comparison website to find the best offers on the market. 

  • Change how you wash and dry your clothes
reduce your electricity bill

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There is no denying that warm water does a better job of washing clothes than cold water. However, hot water takes a lot of electricity to produce, so stick to the cold wash setting for daily laundry if possible to lower electricity consumption. Also, select the shortest washing cycle available, and wait until you have a full load before washing your clothes. Furthermore, clothes dryers are one of the most significant energy consumers in many homes. Therefore, hang your clothes out on the clothesline when and where possible, so you can take advantage of sunny days to dry your laundry instead of relying on your power-guzzling dryer.

  • Pay attention to lighting

Lighting is one of the vital features in many homes, so you can end up paying high energy bills if you are not smart about it. For starters, simply turning a light off anytime you leave a room can lower your energy bill. However, you can do more than flip a switch to enjoy some genuine energy savings. You can replace all your lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or LED bulbs. A CFL lightbulb is more expensive than a standard bulb, but you will recuperate your losses in the energy it saves you after about nine months of usage. However, LED bulbs perform even better since they are 75%-85% more energy-efficient than an ordinary lightbulb and last 15-25 times longer.

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