5 Uplifting Books to Nourish Your Soul

The time right after the holidays can feel slightly lackluster after all of the festivities filled with champagne, loved ones visiting from all over, and magical moments that have passed. Jumping straight back into the grind of our everyday lifestyles can be quite trying, and we understand the lack of inspiration that you might be going through. Whether you have experienced writer’s block, have swayed from your usual exercise routine, or have found it hard to motivate yourself after a long week—we’ve been there. Shaking out of such ruts isn’t easy; however, we know that surrounding yourself with positivity and good vibes is the best cure for anything! Fill your world with daily affirmations and kind words that will help you bloom right back into a lively and inspirational life with these five uplifting books that have captured our souls. Made for the bookworms at heart and even the not-so-regular readers, these books will spark that extra boost you’ve been striving for. Choose your favorite one, open it up, and begin. We are certain that your joie de vivre  will start to grow like a wildfire once again. Happy reading!

The 52 Lists Project, $16.95,
Whether it’s your life’s playlist, favorite movies, goals for the year, or little things that always make you happy, there is something satisfying about writing it all out and listing your thoughts down. With 52 lists, one for each week of the year, you’ll be able to personally express yourself through the words you write and reflect on them as much as you wish.

The Year Of Cozy, $15.81,
You’ll find recipes of comfort food, sweet words, DIY home crafts, and warm, lovely photographs within each page in The Year of Cozy. From the blogging world of A Cozy Kitchen by Adrianna Adarme, you’ll be smitten with the simple delights that you can create and share with others throughout the year.

52 Lists for Happiness, $16.95,
A sister book to The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal, 52 Lists for Happiness is focused all on you. It’s about cultivating self-joy through the pages that you will fill with what makes you uniquely happy in life.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, $8.99,
Learn how to shake off stress and any unnecessary worries that may cross your mind with a read that can nurture you into a more positive mindset. Author Richard Carlson shares an effortless and relatable perspective with readers by teaching them how to live life more peacefully and carefree by “making peace with imperfection.”

Milk and Honey, $7.99,
From the soulful and poetic thoughts of Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey unfolds a journey filled with heartache, pain, and the art of healing. You will find yourself smiling and crying with each word carefully chosen by Kaur to create this literary work of art.

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