5 fun Activities to try in 2021

Today we want to share 5 fun activities to try in 2021.  Though 2020 hasn’t ended yet, many are looking to 2021 as the year to dive into new hobbies. Given most of this year has been spent mastering the art of self-care in a confined space, the coming year is likely to see many outward-bound adventures.

Even though spring and summer inched by for many, the world hasn’t stopped developing during these calm months. New trends and innovations continue to change life as we know it, from the farthest reaches of space to the latest advancements in augmented reality.  As you close the year and reflect on what’s to come, keep in mind there are more than a handful of exciting new trends to add to your 2021 to-do list.

Try Your Hand at Punting

fun Activities to try in 2021

Photo by Drew Rae on Pexels

For those who don’t know, punting is industry jargon for someone who places a sports bet. Following a long struggle to legalize the betting market in the US, 18 states and counting have recently opened up sportsbooks. Many oddsmakers are also working with established online casinos to open their books.

Depending on state regulation, offers differ. In Pennsylvania, major brands have partnered up, like the Mohegan Sun Pocono with Unibet. Those looking to get in on legal gambling can get started with Unibet on a reliable and easy-to-navigate platform.

Now that the industry is fully regulated by state commissions, users have access to trying something new to the American public. Newcomers can take advantage of special deals as they learn the ropes.

Learn About the Natural World

In the past, it’s been much easier to try out something like sports betting than digging into what’s growing in your backyard. However, a recent flurry of handy apps is now helping casual homeowners make the most of their green space.

While fall is the season for tasty recipes, most plants want you to plant them in spring. This means there’s plenty to learn in winter and even get a head start on plotting land. Check out apps like GrowIt! or iNaturalist to start brainstorming today.

Get Acquainted With Outer Space

fun Activities to try in 2021

AnnaliseArt / Pixabay

For those a bit underwhelmed by the idea of spending more time in the backyard, outer space has never been closer to humanity. Much like apps that help users learn more about the natural world, there are trendy apps also familiarizing the public with outer space.

Apps like SkEye Astronomy and Star Chart are simple point-and-shoot platforms that translate the night sky into a clear map of constellations. While ideal for first-time astronomers, NASA also offers live streams for the Mars Rover, as well as plenty of informative materials for earthbound junior astronomers.

Experiment With VR

Much like the sports betting industry, VR and AR programs will boom in the coming years. Though many wannabe players may be hesitant to don the VR headset after a long history of fail videos of first-time users, the platform does more than entertain.

In fact, less than half of VR usage is for recreational purposes according to Kommando Tech. Just under 30% is used for educational purposes, such as training demos for new employees. Another 20% is expected to be used for shopping purposes.

In short, VR is likely to become a standard feature for many in the coming years. Getting onboard can be equal parts fun and common sense.

fun Activities to try in 2021

Creative Meditation

The ability to center oneself through breathing exercises and calming the mind isn’t a new trend. Meditation has been a hit with New Age groups since the 1960s. Since then, activities like yoga have become standard features for most.

Despite the proliferation of yoga and the scientific evidence that meditation improves heart health and sleep quality, we tend to see both as extracurricular activities rather than daily habits.

For those unconvinced by yoga’s pricey courses and fashion, try another form of meditation in 2021. Whether choosing to walk to a destination or even dancing (known as ‘Kundalini meditation’), don’t be afraid to spearhead your unique meditation path.

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