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Best Spectator Events Throughout the Year

Best Spectator Events Throughout the Year

Through even the toughest of times, the best spectator events on television remain a constant. Sporting events are a staple of both weeknight and weekend viewing for billions around the world. From solo to team sports, they garner interest from young to old across the globe. All sports can be enjoyable to watch on the tv and whilst most are exhilarating live, some are way better in person. Whether it’s attending the local football match and placing a bet at Infogol or dressing yourself up for Formula 1 races or Wimbledon, we are going to take a look at the best spectator events throughout the year.

The UEFA Champions League

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Held every year since 1955, the UEFA Champions League is the largest annual football event in the world, not to mention, also the most glamorous competition in the sport. This event brings together the most talented players and greatest teams in the world, it may not be the biggest, that crown belongs to the FIFA World Cup, but it is the greatest display of football talent that there is.


It may surprise some of you readers, but the Superbowl is more than just a celebration for one day. The pinnacle of the NFL and American football seasons tends to draw crowds from fans and neutrals alike for a week surrounding the actual game day. Host cities put on huge cultural and culinary attractions for visitors. The event acts as a big party for all those attending. When it comes to game-day, it is not just those who have made the trip to see the teams live that chime in, many tune in from America and afar with people around the globe having to stay up later or get up early to witness this yearly sporting event. This has made the Superbowl the most valuable sporting event in the world and has allowed them to put on extraordinary halftime entertainment shows and drawn huge crowds over recent years, both at the stadium and on the TV. This spectacle goes beyond just the sport, which could carry the thrill on its own, and takes this event into the realms of complete entertainment.

Best Spectator Events

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Grand National

This is without a doubt the best British spectator sporting event of the year. Not only does it draw a very large crowd to the Aintree racecourse in Liverpool but it draws in punters to horseracing that at every other day of the year couldn’t give two hoots about the sport. The anticipation and chance to get some good sports betting opportunities in hooks veterans and newbies to the sport and betting alike. Whether you are sitting at home with your grandad and a coupon, watching from the office with a sweepstake on or you are one of the lucky ones getting yourself suited and booted to attend the event in person, the Grand National never fails to disappoint. The best jockeys and horses the UK has to offer are always on show. There is usually a royal in attendance. And there are plenty of bets put on both at Aintree and at bookies up and down the land. This combination of factors just goes to add even more excitement to an already spectacular event.


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