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5 Common Kratom Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Kratom Buyer Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Today we want to share 5 common kratom buyer mistakes and how to avoid them. Opioid addicts, we have some good news: you won’t have to quit cold turkey. There’s an opioid substitute for you that can help you curb cravings and fight withdrawals. And that is kratom.

Kratom is a legal, over-the-counter herbal substance that anyone can buy. But just because it is legal doesn’t mean you should add the first option off the internet to your cart. There are several notable Kratom buyer mistakes that could lead to purchasing fake or subpar kratom–and maybe even harming your health.

In this guide, we’re here to assist you with buying kratom online. Before you click “purchase” on a Kratom vendor website, be aware of these five Kratom buying mistakes.

1. Common Kratom Buyer Mistakes: Purchasing from Disreputable Companies

Unfortunately, just because a place claims to sell 100% pure yellow kratom doesn’t mean they’re legit. A common trend in recent years is for no-name Chinese brands to pop up on the market overnight. They sell what they can until negative reviews bring them down, and then restart with a new brand, business, and online store.

Avoid brands that haven’t been around long and whose reviews only go back a few months. Choose established brands, first.

2. Failing to Read Online Reviews

Reviews are the best way, hands down, to evaluate a company. You are getting the word straight from customers who actually used the product–and perhaps dealt with customer service, too.

Find review aggregators such as Google that have public business reviews. These give you a solid idea of who you’re dealing with.

3. Not Comparing Kratom Prices

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Kratom is easily affordable for someone who is trying to quit scheduled drugs. However, like any medicinal product, scammers abound. Some buyers have no compunction about scalping you at unreasonable prices.

Do your research across multiple vendors. You may well find a better price elsewhere–or one with better value. Also, skip vendors that sell it far too cheap. That kratom could be expired, or cut with other drugs to bring prices down. This puts your health at risk, so avoid these at all costs.

4. Not Looking at All Options for Kratom Vendors

Similar to the previous point, there are a lot of vendors out there that supply kratom. But many sell it as an aside. A product they stock their shelves with, but which they aren’t necessarily knowledgeable in selling.

We recommend sticking with a vendor that knows kratom. Kratom-oriented vendors provide products with the highest purity and at the right dosage for your particular use case.

5. Not Purchasing Kratom in Bulk

If you plan on using kratom long-term, there’s little sense in buying a package here or there. You can waste a lot of money this way. Instead, buy kratom in bulk. Not only do you stock up for the long run, but you save some money, too.

Buy Kratom Online Today

People who are new to the miracle herb known as kratom are prone to common kratom buyer mistakes. We recommend reading reviews, buying from reputable sources, and getting kratom in bulk. Do your research on kratom vendors and prioritize those with skin in the game.

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