4 Essential Items for Women Bikers

essential items for women bikers

Today we want to share with you 4 essential items for women bikers. Newcomers to the world of motorcycling are fascinated by the prospect of traveling over vast, open territory with the wind in their hair and the sunshine on their faces. It’s not all fun and freedom, though. Be aware that per mile traveled, a motorcycle is 35 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a passenger car. 

As a woman biker traveling through this free-spirited world of adventure, you are always trying to balance your self-expression with safety. Look good while staying protected with these tips we’ve prepared for you.

Aesthetics? Great! Safety? Vital!

Looking awesome when riding your bike is great, but staying safe is more important. Whatever you do, never compromise on protective clothing that will minimize abrasions, cuts, bruises, and fractures in case of an unfortunate incident. Even if you’re riding in warm weather, choose safety over comfort and convenience. When shopping for high-grade biker clothing and other gear, you would want to look for MotoCAP star rating standards. That’s because MotoCap assigns ratings according to safety tests conducted at Victoria’s Deakin University in Melbourne. Here’s some of the critical gear to invest in for your biking excursions. You can always customize your gear with stickers that reveal a little more about the biker wearing them. Lets take a look at some of these essential items for women bikers.

1. Helmets

Woman wearing black shirt and black and orange half face helmet

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Bikers who find themselves in a collision are 69% less likely to suffer brain damage when they’re protecting their skulls with helmets. When choosing your own helmet, look for materials like carbon fiber and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP or fiberglass) that are stronger than polycarbonate or other plastics. 

Try on the helmet to make sure that it has a snug fit all around your head and there are no gaps or pinching. Remember that many helmets are designed with a male customer in mind, so many women have to hunt around for a more petite fit. At the same time, the fit should not be so tight that you end up getting a headache. 

If you can roll the helmet forward and get it off without the chin strap wrapping around your neck, that’s the right one. Full face headgear has a better likelihood of keeping your chin secure as compared to flip-front helmets, so you’d want to go with those. An added positive is that such helmets keep your eyes protected from dust and debris. Plus, that mysterious look is pretty cool as you cruise. 

2. Boots and Gloves

essential items for women bikers

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Essential items for women bikers include boots and gloves. The right footwear is critical for preventing leg and foot injuries. Go for sturdy boots that are waterproof and breathable with sweat-wicking socks to keep your feet dry. Gloves are essential for protecting your hands in case of a fall. Fingerless gloves look smart, but they’re not really practical. You need complete covering that reduces muscle fatigue and gives you a firm grip on the handlebars. Like helmets, gloves are not mandatory, but seasoned riders always advise wearing them.

3. Dress in Layers

Brisk weather won’t stop you from enjoying the open road! But, it can make dressing for the occasion a little more complicated. Layering up is important, especially as high speed wind whisks body heat away. The layers of non-protective gear are a great way to show your personality on the road. You could be rocking a t-shirt from your favorite brand or expressing your unique self with a custom zip-up hoodie.

4. Armored Protection for Your Joints

Armored protection for your joints covers your elbows, shoulders, and knees with added padding to prevent injuries from falls and crashes. Get knee guards and elbow guards that you can wear over regular clothing and you’re good to go. Vests made with viscoelastic materials should also feature on your list of protective gear to prevent spine damage. Now, you’re ready to go out and join your local women’s motorcycle group.

Wearing the right gear ensures that you stay safe on the road while indulging in your passion.

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