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Postpartum Hair Loss: What You Can Do to Beat It

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Today we want to discuss postpartum hair loss and what you can do to beat it. At some point during their pregnancy, most pregnant women discover that their hair is thicker than ever. However, what often follows this period is postpartum hair loss. It usually starts roughly three months after pregnancy.

When large clumps of your hair start falling out after giving birth, you are also probably dealing with this problem. In such a case, do not panic! Instead of putting your Joewell scissors to use and cutting your hair, try to reach a better understanding of your situation.

We are here to help you! In this article, you can find a short explanation of what postpartum hair loss is and how you can deal with it. Let’s get started.

What Is Postpartum Hair Loss?

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First of all, you need to know that it is perfectly normal to suffer from hair loss after childbirth. The leading causes of this phenomenon are hormonal imbalance in your organism and the hair growth cycle.

Every hair strand goes through three phases: the growing phase (anagen), the transition phase (catagen), and the resting phase (telogen). After they are complete, the hair strand ends its life cycle, and the whole process repeats itself.

While you are pregnant, your estrogen levels are changing. At first, they spike up, affecting the growing phase (anagen) and leading to your hair growing thicker and longer.

However, after your estrogen levels go back to normal, it affects the resting phase (telogen) of the hair cycle and increases hair fall. The medical term for this occurrence is “telogen effluvium,” but it is widely known as postpartum hair loss.

How Can You Deal With Postpartum Hair Loss?

Although postpartum hair loss is a natural and temporary condition, you might not want to wait idly while your hair is shedding more than usual. After all, all women like to have beautiful hair. With this in mind, here is a list of different methods you can try to reduce your hair loss:

Eat Healthier

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Leaving processed foods behind might not only be good for your gut but also your hair follicles. After all, what we eat is a crucial part of our lifestyle. Try to consume more vitamin E and vitamin C. Additionally, remember that fruits and vegetables should be your best friends!

Moreover, after consulting your doctor, you can add to your diet various supplements. They will provide your hair with vitamins, iron, and other nutrients necessary for their health and growth.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

After your pregnancy, you might be tackled with many responsibilities. Naturally, these circumstances may lead to more stressful situations. However, do not let them take all joy out of your life!

After giving birth, try to find some time for yourself. Do not be afraid to book a visit to your local massage parlor and relax for a while! After all, you deserve some me-time after delivering the baby.

Get Oil Massages

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A good oil scalp massage may not only help you tackle your excessive hair loss but also can help you relax. It is an excellent method to stop your post-pregnancy hair fall and positively modify your hair care routine.

After such a treatment, you will bring some blood circulation to your scalp boosting your hair growth. Additionally, a castor or almond oil will keep your current hair healthy and more durable.

Switch Up Your Hair Products

Having healthy hair largely depends on the quality of hair products that you use. For example, have you ever considered if the hair masks you use are right for your type of hair? Moreover, think if your shampoo and conditioner are not stripping your hair of much-needed moisture. Instead of keeping things as is, go for a gentler shampoo fortified with biotin!

Alternatively, consider keeping your natural hair for a while. Perhaps leaving all the harsh sprays and gels is the best way to combat your postpartum hair loss?

Remember that if you are not sure whether you are using the right shampoo, you can consult a dermatologist! After that, make all the necessary changes, and your hair shedding should become minimal.

The Bottom Line

Now you know what you can do to beat postpartum hair loss! Remember that it is a natural process connected with the hair cycle, so do not panic when three months after your pregnancy, you notice an increase in your hair fall.

Nonetheless, many new moms learned to cope with this problem on their own terms. By using our tips, you can join them! Take good care of your hair and body by trying a healthy diet! Additionally, make sure to find some much-needed time to relax. This way, you will feel well-rested and ready to face new challenges.

Eat enough vitamins, switch your shampoo for a gentler one, and everything should be well. Good luck!

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