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12 Decoration Ideas for a Baseball-Themed Birthday Party

decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party

Today we want to share 12 decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party. Does your kid live for baseball? If so, a baseball-themed party can be an awesome way to celebrate a birthday. In fact, if your child is truly obsessed with the game, you might already be fielding requests for a baseball-themed birthday party!

decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party

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Decorations are one of the most important aspects of a child’s birthday party. A fun set of themed decorations really helps the party feel special. What kind of cool decorations and activities can parents buy or create to help turn up the excitement and make everyone feel welcome at their child’s baseball birthday party? These 12 baseball decor ideas will give you tons of inspiration.

  1. Baseball Wall Decals

Peel and stick wall decals make ideal decorations for a baseball-themed party. These large-format vinyl cutouts are made to stick to your wall quickly and easily, and you can find them with all kinds of awesome MLB wall art designs, including team logos and life-sized images of MLB superstars. Be sure to choose a brand of wall decals that uses wall-safe adhesives to ensure that the decals don’t damage your walls.

  1. Baseball Pinata

What’s more appropriate for a baseball-themed party than swinging a bat at a ball? Of course, the ball is enormous, made of papier-mache and filled with candy, but we don’t think your kids will complain. Make sure to find a spacious area to hang the pinata so that everyone can get a good swing at it and no one gets run over in the inevitable mad dash for candy.

  1. Baseball Balloons

decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday partyBalloons are a classic part of kids’ birthday parties, and baseball-themed balloons will make a great addition to yours. Team-themed balloons with the logos of your kid’s favorite teams are a great choice, as are general baseball-themed balloons. For a vibrant look, try mixing in some baseball-themed balloons with a handful of simple colored balloons. Red, white and blue are always popular colors for this all-American sport.

  1. Ballpark Vendor Food and Trays

Munching on hot dogs, popcorn and other stadium staples is a key part of the ballgame experience for many folks. So why not bring the fun home? Choose a selection of classic ballpark foods and serve them as party food on a baseball-themed party spread—or, for a little extra fun and atmosphere, parents can grab a vendor tray and pretend to be the ballpark vendor! Don’t forget to include options for any of your child’s friends with dietary restrictions.

  1. Inflatable Baseball Bats

Providing kids with real baseball bats is both expensive and potentially dangerous if the kids are too young to handle them responsibly. Thus, for many parties, inflatable bats are where it’s at! These oversized bats are made from soft plastic and can safely be used for all kinds of goofiness. They’re tons of fun to strike a pose with, so make sure everyone gets the chance to grab some photo ops.

  1. Baseball Cake
decoration ideas for a baseball themed birthday party

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We couldn’t forget the cake, right? Your local bakery or grocery store can almost certainly provide you with a baseball-themed cake that will act as a tasty centerpiece for the party. Depending on your budget and your kid’s tastes, you might choose a simple red and white baseball design, or something a little more complex like a baseball diamond with miniature plastic players.

  1. Baseball Table Settings

On a high fly to center field, it’s…cupcakes! Get yourself a baseball tablecloth to set out your party refreshments on and consider pairing it up with baseball-themed cups, baseball napkins, baseball party plates or whatever else you think your kids would enjoy. Most MLB teams offer baseball table settings like plates and napkins with their team logos.

  1. Baseball Photo Booth

A baseball-themed photo booth is a fantastic addition to any kid’s baseball birthday party. Kids will be able to take their own baseball-themed photos, and you can bet they’ll be lining up to do it. Depending on your photo booth, the concept can include anything from bat and glove-themed props and a stadium background to actual baseball rookie cards that guests can take home as party favors.

  1. Game Ticket Invitations

Many baseball fans treasure their tickets from favorite games. Why not turn tickets into a cool memento from a great birthday party? Many invitation printing services offer baseball ticket formats that your kids (and their friends) will love. If you really want to go all-in on old-school fun, grab a hole punch and punch everyone’s ticket at the door.

  1. Baseball Paper Lanterns

If you’re having an outdoor party that might stretch into the evening hours, bring in some baseball paper lanterns for a fun vibe after dark. Paper lanterns are easy to hang and clean up, and modern electric paper lanterns are safe as long as they’re used with supervision and have low-heat bulbs. Hang a couple of strings of them in your backyard and have a friendly evening game!

  1. Batting Cage

For parents whose kids are seriously nuts for baseball, see if you can rent a portable batting cage from your local party rental company (the kind of place that rents bounce houses). These cages are usually equipped with an auto-pitch machine that tosses tennis balls at a safe speed, and some may even offer a game with prizes for hitting your ball toward a target. For safety, make sure that the batting cage rental includes the services of an attendant. You can also buy breakaway banners for the complete look.

  1. Baseball Gift Bag

What kid doesn’t like a gift bag from a birthday party? Grab some party favor bags with baseball patterns on them and fill them up with cool baseball-related swag. Baseball candy, packs of baseball cards, actual baseballs and, of course, Big League Chew are all choices that won’t disappoint.

Grab some party favor bags with baseball patterns on them and fill them up with cool baseball-related swag. Baseball-themed personalized candy wrappers, packs of baseball cards, actual baseballs and, of course, Big League Chew are all choices that won’t disappoint.

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