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YouTube Queen Haley Pham Dishes on Her New Podcast and Fashion Line

Haley Pham’s YouTube channel started as a way for her to learn video editing. In just a few years, she’s racked up over 2 million subscribers with her fashion hauls, beauty tutorials, transformations, and lifestyle vlogs. Now she’s venturing into the fashion world with her new brand, Retro Reprise. She also recently launched a podcast, Call Me Candid, with Lilly Ann, where you can find them sharing business advice, girl talk, and the positivity we need right now! Check out Haley on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Cliché: What motivated you to start your YouTube channel?

When I discovered the iMovie App, I really fell in love with editing. So, I would record my outfits and makeup so that I could teach myself how to do cool effects. Then I just kept going from there. Eventually, I learned FinalCut Pro and got a real camera lol.

Did you ever imagine your audience would grow as big as it has?

No, it was always my dream for it to, but I always thought it was too big of a goal and that it might never happen. Then, junior year of high school it became clear to me that it was growing and my goal changed to a million. I never expected to double that. 

You didn’t make money from YouTube for the first six years! What was behind that decision and what motivated you to start seeing your YouTube as part of your professional career?

It wasn’t really a decision, it was just something that I loved to do and it was a hobby just like anyone has a hobby. I wasn’t expecting money out of it at all, and that comes naturally when you are doing something that you love consistently. 

What’s the main message you want your subscribers to take away from your channel?

Life is beautiful and there is so much happiness in the world to have!

Talk about your clothing line, Retro Reprise. 

 I got the idea for Retro Reprise my junior year of high school when I learned about the Memphis design art movement. I loved the pattern so much that I wanted to buy clothing that had it on it, but I couldn’t find any anywhere. So, I decided to create it myself so that I could wear it and ended up sharing it with my audience because I kept getting so many questions about where I got it from. 

How does it feel to have launched your own clothing line at such a young age? 

 It doesn’t feel like much yet since it’s still in its infancy stage, but I’m excited to continue to make my visions come to life.

What advice do you have for the other young women out there hoping to start businesses of their own?

It takes 10,000 hours to become a pro at anything so be consistent, be patient, expect failure, and persist nonetheless. 

We also want to hear about your new podcast, Call Me Candid, with Lilly Ann!

Lilly Ann and I started a podcast to talk about business advice, girl chats, and just spread positivity and love. We want to bring joy to people’s day when they listen to the podcast. We want it to feel like you’re on the phone with friends!

You’re very open about your Christian faith. What does your faith mean to you?

My faith is the ruling factor for everything I do in life, it is what gives me a purpose and it really just is the foundation of my entire life.

You’ve already accomplished so much at just 19 years old. Where do you see your career headed in the next 10 years?

So, hopefully I will still be doing YouTube for a few more years. I also want to practice my skills in the interior design industry. My next dream is to flip and renovate an entire house! I want to get into the real estate business and document that process on YouTube as well, and hopefully one day I can do it full time. That would be amazing.

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YouTube Queen Haley Pham Dishes on Her New Podcast and Fashion Line. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Haley Pham.

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