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Music, Touring, and More with Pop Band Nikki’s Wives

A dynamic trio, Nikki’s Wives is an alternative pop band from Toronto who is ready to set their talents mainstream. Coming together to create engaging, stimulating music, Nikki’s Wives has learned to use their shared interest of music to become a like-minded, unbeatable trio. With Nikki Whitehead as lead singer, Dylan Lauzon on the guitar, and Nate Baylor on the drums, the group reveals a well-orchestrated chemistry performance on stage. Nikki’s Wives has been busy recently with the release of their EP For E-V-E-R, features on Fox News and NBC, an invitation to Victoria’s Secret parties, and starring on and Idobi Radio. Creating music that speaks to our innermost feelings, insecurities, and daily struggles, Nikki’s Wives will become your new favorite group to follow on their path to stardom. Here, they delve deeper into the emotions behind the haunting melody “Ghost,” chat about the complexity of relationships and confidence in “Lonely Being Cool,” and talk going on tour with CeeLo Green.

Cliché: What inspired you three to get together? What is the creative process like with three different voices?
Nikki’s Wives: Nikki was doing this solo project and needed someone to play drums for one show. So, Dylan, who was working with Nikki at the time, called up Nate and asked if he could fill in. The show went super well and the three of us felt this insane chemistry playing together on stage. When the show ended, we all kind of concluded that this needed to be a band. The three of us have a great workflow while writing. It’s such an open and collaborative environment that everyone’s ideas always get heard.
Since you guys have such great chemistry on stage, what advice do you have for aspiring music groups?
I guess the only advice I can offer is to just play as many shows as you can. You can practice cool moves in the rehearsal space all you want, but the real magic comes from playing on stage in front of people. Going out on tour this summer really helped us find who we are on stage.
Tell us about your EP For E-V-E-R and the process behind it.
The story behind For E-V-E-R is actually kind of a crazy one. We booked the studio time before we had written any songs. So, we literally locked ourselves away for two weeks in Dylan’s basement to hammer out those six songs. I might also add that Dylan’s basement was unheated, and it was the coldest winter Canada had in like 10 years. Needless to say, For E-V-E-R definitely united us as a band.
You recently toured with CeeLo Green. What was the experience like going on the road with a famous artist? Any funny stories while on tour?
CeeLo was the most amazing person to go on tour with. His whole crew treated us like family and always made sure that we were well taken care of on the road. It was super cool to see this person you’ve grown up watching just being a normal person right in front of you. There were lots of nights where we all had a little too much tequila on that tour. [Laughs]
Tell us about your track “Ghost.” After one listen, I was hooked! It is haunting, melodious, and entrancing.
“Ghost” was the last song we wrote for For E-V-E-R, so it really encapsulates how we all felt about the writing process coming to an end. The two weeks spent in Dylan’s basement were just this whirlwind of creativity, and when that finally ended, we all felt this sadness about it. “Ghost” was kind of our goodbye song to the end of an amazing experience.
I have noticed that you three often coordinate with colors. Do you think the influence of fashion can help artists?
I think that fashion and music are very much intertwined. Fashion helps to visually separate groups from one another, and helps give them a unique identity. For example: Lady Gaga with her outrageous outfits or Billy Holly and his signature black frames. We like to keep to the guys wearing all white and Nikki wearing black. It’s a little play on the name “Nikki’s Wives.”

I think that fashion and music are very much intertwined. Fashion helps to visually separate groups from one another, and helps give them a unique identity.

What music are you currently listening to? Any favorite artists/bands?
We’ve been all over the place lately. Honestly, in the van we listened to so many classic rock stations that I now feel like I was alive in the ‘70s. But we’re all listening to lots of Tory Lanez, ScHoolboy Q, and 2 Chainz right now.
Tell us about the message behind your song “Lonely Being Cool.” The visuals for the music video are amazing and are parallel to the confident, determined vibe of the song.
Basically, we just wanted to write a song that described the feeling of being at a party and feeling like you don’t fit in. I think everyone’s had that experience where you know you’re liked and have friends, but you feel like everyone hates you or has forgotten about you. But it’s also about being confident and being you no matter what.
As a Canadian group, do you believe that you bring a different sound than other American groups?
We just do what we like and make music that the three of us want to listen to. We don’t really spend a lot of time listening to Canadian vs. American music, and how different they are from one another. I think you just gotta do you and make the music you want to hear.
What is the best advice you’ve received thus far in the music industry?
The best advice I’ve ever received was to “never stop getting better, because as soon as you start thinking you’re hot shit, you become shit.”
Can we expect any more music in the near future?
Yeah! We already have another full EP waiting in the wings. If you catch us live, you can hear some sneak peaks from that EP.
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Music, Touring, and More with Pop Band Nikki’s Wives: Photographed by Rachelle Curtis

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