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From ‘Nashville’ to Horror Films, Scout Taylor-Compton Tells All

Scout Taylor-Compton has a passion for music and a love affair with the horror genre, and with her career, she gets to immerse her life in both. The 26-year-old actress recently joined ABC’s Nashville and said that both the set and the city have inspired her to create her own music, some to be released later this year. She’s also appearing in two horror films this year. Though some people might be spooked, growing up with a mortician for a father gives her a unique outlook on those creepy films. This year brings music and monsters for the young artist, so keep up with her to see what’s next.
Cliché: How was it joining Nashville? Were you familiar with the show before?
Scout Taylor-Compton: I was actually a fan of the show before. I’m a big country lover, so when I heard about the show, I was definitely intrigued by it and watched it and fell in love with the music and the characters. I remember watching the first season and wanting the opportunity to be on the show, so it’s really cool that now I can say that I am on it.
How was it working with the cast?
It was really overwhelming. It’s a really big set. There’s a lot of people and crew members, and they film with multiple cameras. It was really a shocking experience to come into, but everyone was welcoming. It was so easy to get used to, but the first day, I was a ball of nerves.
Do you have a memory that sticks out from set?
I’m a girl that has a lot of guy friends, and me and Chris [Carmack] went to a Nashville festival that was out there, and that was a lot of fun. We saw Willie Nelson. My boyfriend performed the morning of the festival, and we saw a bunch of bands, so that was a lot of fun. We always have these games on set. It was a new place with new guy friends, so it was very comfortable.
What can fans expect when the show comes back?
I know that Nashville writers want Erin to be this character that you don’t really know what she’s about yet. She’s not gone. She’s still there, but she beats her own drum and goes with the flow, and I think they wanted to show that. I’m sure it drives Gunnar [Scott] up the wall.
Do you have a favorite song on the show?
It was really catchy, the one Gunnar was singing to me in the hotel room. It was so cute. I had it stuck in my head for weeks. Any song that Layla sings, I fall in love with, too. I’m obsessed with her and her voice.
Do you have a favorite country musician?
I do. I am a big Tim McGraw fan. I also love Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, and The Dixie Chicks. I’m a huge country girl. That’s why I love going to Nashville. There’s so much music everywhere. You turn a corner and it’s like you’re in a new world.
You’re currently working on an album?
I’m not necessarily working on an album, but I’m just trying to find my sound and get my music out there. It’s a very vulnerable spot for me because I’ve been in acting for so long. Playing different characters, being in front of the camera, and reading lines is easy for me, but writing my own songs about the way I feel, my past, and my future is really hard. I’ve been learning that and writing a lot and working with my boyfriend to find my sound. I just did a cover of The Lumineers and slowed it down. One of my goals is to get my stuff out there and explore this passion of mine that I’ve had for a long time. Nashville inspired me to pull it out.
Were you into music as a kid?
My parents tried to get me into it when I was younger, but it was different for me then. My voice is more about my writing and a therapy to me. It took me a lot longer to realize that all of it is okay to come out and show it and be proud of it. Being around the cast members and hearing the music and going to different places has been an eye-opening experience and helped me bloom.
Do you have other projects you’re working on this year?
Yes. I just got back from New York after finishing a project. I have a movie coming out next year called Ghost House and another called Feral. As of right now, it’s Nashville and music.
Can you tell me more about those?
Feral is in the horror genre and Ghost House is a film I did in Thailand about a couple that takes a trip and they are haunted by this creature type thing. It got accepted into SXSW, so I’m excited to attend. It was beautifully shot. We went to some amazing places in Thailand. It’s also in the horror genre.
Which I see you’re a fan of.
My dad is mortician and a coroner, so I grew up in that whole field. I’m a fan of a lot of things, but that I definitely grew up with. Being born into it is a way of life, so it’s been a normal thing. It’s never been crazy or spooky.
Do you have a favorite horror film?
I’m a big fan of the Freddy Krueger franchise. That’s just a crazy franchise. I’ve always been afraid of him.

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From ‘Nashville’ to Horror Films, Scout Taylor-Compton Tells All: Photographed by Dylan Lujano
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