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Carly Pearce Talks the Success of Her Single, “Every Little Thing”

From a local bluegrass band to Dollywood and the Grand Ole Opry, Carly Pearce can truly say she’s had a steady rise to the new light on her now. After being featured on Josh Abbott Band’s single “Wasn’t That Drunk” in early 2016, Pearce was already in a reset; a new publishing deal, new label, new writing partners, and new experiences. She was ready to make an official debut in the country music scene. According to Wide Open Country, with a batch of new material in hand, and contemporary writing partner in busbee, Pearce took a chance with Sirius XM. There, J.R. Schumann felt tied to her well-received single, “Every Little Thing.” According to Pearce, out of all the songs she dropped off, the success of “Every Little Thing” confused her at first, but ended up making perfect sense: “I think country fans love the truth. This song is the truth and they feel that.” After its release on Sirius XM’s hit country station, “The Highway,” it went number one in a matter of weeks and sold over 4K in sales.

So how does a musician celebrate a personal story of heartache? It would seem awkward for some, but Pearce took it easy and simple. “I’m pretty sure I went and had a glass of wine with some girlfriends!” she says. What else is the solution for such a straightforward song about a complicated feeling? The lyrics, “The look in your eyes like a window, the taste of your kiss soaked in wine / Every little thing, I remember every little thing / The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting—every little thing,” read like a personal conversation with oneself, but also a conversation with someone you trust to simply listen.
Since “Every Little Thing” has taken off on satellite and mainstream country radio, Pearce feels she’s reaching new areas in her craft and those interested in hearing it. “It’s hard to put into words,” she says. “I have put so much work into this—so much blood, sweat, and tears…it’s an indescribable feeling to see it starting to pay off. I’ll never take it for granted.”
She is currently on her radio tour promoting “Every Little Thing” with some large stage performances mixed in, such as the Grand Ole Opry, where she performed in the presence of other artists, like Zac Brown Band, Crystal Gale, and Trace Adkins. Since different stage locations aren’t unfamiliar to Pearce, touring continues to bring excitement. “I love being on the road. I love waking up in different cities,” she says. “I try to make the most of the time I’m in the cities to experience a little of what’s unique to them. Sleeping in a bunk is pretty crazy!”
Being around different people isn’t limited to traveling, as Pearce speaks of positive feelings when she decided to begin a co-writing partnership with various musicians and producers. She cites it as natural and fresh with different perspectives for a particular subject. “I think I definitely have benefited from many other co-writers in how I articulate things in songs,” she admits. “Even from a melodic sense, I’ve learned a lot of phrasing ideas from other writers that I’ve then taken and fused into my other [writings].”

I think I definitely have benefited from many other co-writers in how I articulate things in songs.

The new label Carly Pearce calls home is Big Machine Label Group, the same label holding Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and Cheap Trick. BMLG’s CEO, Scott Borchetta, reached out to Pearce and was on a plane back to Nashville to meet her less than 24 hours after the song premiered on Sirius XM’s “The Highway.”
“It’s truly a dream come true…Not only are they an incredible label with incredible artists, but they are allowing me to be 100% authentic to my artistry and respect me. I’m so blessed,” she says.
Being able to start off the new year with goals achieved, Pearce keeps her eye on the big prize, making it clear the competition lies with herself and no one else. “I never want to get to a place where I feel like I’ve completely ‘hit the bar’ of my potential,” she says. “I don’t think any truly successful artist gets to that point. I want to continue to push myself in every area of my career, including how I bleed my heart into my songs.”
Other goals for Carly Pearce in 2017 are quite simple and are within reach. “I’d love to take ‘Every Little Thing’ to the top of the country chart, make an incredible record that I’m so proud of, and play as many shows as I can!” she tells us.
Upon taking any stage—after warming up with a country cover and having a glass of wine—Carly Pearce continues to hold composed and confident, bringing in new fans and listeners eager to watch her career soar.
Carly Pearce’s “Every Little Thing” is available on iTunes, and Spotify. For current tour dates, follow Carly at and Twitter

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Carly Pearce Talks the Success of Her Single, “Every Little Thing.” Photographed by John Shearer.

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