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Bailey De Young Interview

From acting previously on ABC Family’s series Bunheads to dancing since she was a wee little thing, 25-year-old California native Bailey De Young does it all. Below, the budding and beautiful actress opens up about her latest role as Lauren Cooper in MTV’s new hit series Faking It, as well as the details on how she happily juggles being an actress and newlywed to husband Tyler.
Cliché: How did you get into acting?
Bailey De Young: I started dancing when I was a kid and that led to theater. I realized the storytelling aspect was my favorite part and slowly made the leap into straight acting.
Can you relate to Lauren Cooper’s character at all?
Lauren and I have some big similarities and big differences. I relate to her ambition and her overachiever ways, but her sass is hers alone.
When Faking It originally aired, Lauren came off as a snobby Christian girl who wanted nothing to do with her new stepsister Amy. How do you think Lauren’s attitude changed from season one to season two?
I think Lauren has some hard edges. She is very determined, ambitious, and strong, and sometimes she steps on people along the way to get what she wants. I think she continues to grow and take into consideration other people around her as she goes after what she wants, but they still sometimes get in the way, so it’s two steps forward and one step back.
Faking It has become quite the popular show. How do you think the plot can help teenagers today?
I think the lesson of being kind even when you don’t agree on things, not judging a book by its cover, and treating people with love is a lifelong lesson hopefully all of us are working towards. For Lauren’s journey specifically, I hope it shows that taking down your walls and being vulnerable is a good and brave thing to do.
Do you see Lauren tormenting Amy and Karma’s relationship in the future?
I think she has a hard time letting anyone else get attention and she also wants her way, so I think she’ll torment anything that threatens that.
What do you think Lauren has in store in the future of the show?
I think she still really wants to change Hester High and dominate the campus. I also think she is going through a journey of what it means to truly accept herself and dare I say, let other people in and let down her walls.
What do you do for fun when you aren’t working?
I hang out with my husband and family! We like hiking and going to the movies. We love a good Netflix documentary and binge-watching TV seasons.
How has acting in Faking It affected you in the real world?
It is such an amazing place to work because of the people. The leadership (Carter, writers, production) crew and cast make going to work every day truly my privilege. Hearing people’s positive responses and excitement has been fun.
Where do you see yourself going after the series is over?
Who knows? That is the fun part. I hope I can go back to theater at some point. For now, I’m sinking my teeth into these next episodes of Faking It.
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Bailey De Young Interview: Photographed by Marc Cartwright

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