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How to Add Personality and Style to Your Home

how to add personality and style to your home

Today we want to provide amazing tips on how to add personality and style to your home. When people feel down and depressed, they tend to look for relief in a lot of different places. Perhaps they socialize more, buy a brand-new wardrobe, or even take anti-depressant medication. And although these techniques can offer relief, there are other ways to improve your well-being a little closer to home. One of the reasons why we feel down is the state of our home. Believe it or not, our surroundings have a massive impact on the way that we feel. So that means that by focusing on our surroundings, we have the power to lift our spirits and even become inspired. In real terms, that means we need to pay attention to our home and spend time and money on remodeling it so that we can express our personality and inject a little style that suits us. Below are a few ways you can add personality and style to your home:


Decluttering is an important process of upgrading your home to enable you to add more personality or rather bring it in line with your style as it is in the present. A home can be really affected by the amount of clutter it has. Clutter makes a room appear darker, it makes it difficult to clean, clutter makes everything look untidy, and can actually drive people to despair. They can’t clean as to clean would mean doing a lot of other work, i.e., decluttering or moving objects about. Clutter can keep you stuck in the past and prevent you from living in the now and exploring your life as it is in the present. You should not see decluttering as a sad thing, where you are throwing away memories of the past. You should see it as a way to help you make the most of your interests in the now. Decluttering creates space both physically and mentally. It reduces stress and anxiety and can help you focus. It can even help you sleep better. By decluttering, you are able to make the most of your house and inject that much-needed update. 


how to add personality and style to your home

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Painting is a pretty basic way to upgrade the feel of a home. You can do this even if you live in one of those cozy apartments for rent and enjoy your new interior. It can freshen everything up, cover up those spillages too. However, if you use color effectively, you can make a room have a certain feel to it. First, it makes sense to go around your home and decide how you want a room to make you feel. Perhaps you want a room that is very cozy and warm; well, a dark red may do the trick. If you want somewhere that feels airy, calm, and peaceful, how about a light green? If you are a little creative too, perhaps you can paint a picture on a wall. Painting something of your own is a great way to add personality. Maybe you could have a feature all where you do the artwork. It is up to you. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to help you add your personality and style to a home. 

Use Art and Artwork

Everyone has some painting that they find beautiful; well, now is the time to get a print of it and hang it up on the wall. Or maybe you would like to design your custom poster in a nice wooden frame. This will really draw the eye and help you get that inspiration you have been longing for. Other forms of artwork, like ornaments and sculptures, are another great way to help you add that personality. Sculptures, large ones, in particular, can have a very inspiring effect and can definitely be used to make a statement. Remember, sculptures and ornaments can be used in the garden too – if you have a small home, for example. If you want something fairly unusual, then you are going to have to do the leg work. Go to car boot sales, hunt about in the thrift shops, look at buy ad sell online, and find those items that really connect with your soul. If you are unable to find objects that connect, then why not get creative? You can always paint your own artwork and hang it up, or maybe you can create something else, like a figurine or even macrame. Find out how with this macrame for beginners guide. You could even hang a poem you have written or a piece of prose that you are particularly proud of. If you are a creative person, there are a lot of avenues open to you in terms of creating art, and this is one of the best ways to add your personality to your home.

Use Unusual Materials

How about getting a little creative with the furniture you buy? You don’t always have to go to the furniture store to get chairs and a table. How about trying some reclaimed materials? You can get used wooden beams and old piping and create some usual shelves. This process is called upcycling and may be great for anyone who likes to be eco-conscious and a little quirky and unusual. Maybe you could get an old table at a thrift shop and get four different chairs to surround it. One place where you may be able to pick up some really old and unusual materials for a very low place is the local dump. What can you find with a view to creating something new? If you know how to weld, then anything metal can be reused to design something unique. If you do have a creative skill, then why not try getting something really off the wall to inject that much-needed personality into your home? 


how to add personality and style to your home

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Reupholstering is a great way of adding personality and a way to save money too. Reupholstering is where you look at all the furniture that you have and find ways of making them look new again. A sofa, for example, may have torn arms and a lot of stains, but you love it. Well, why not go hunting for some great material that really showcases a part of your personality? Then cover the sofa with this material. Old wooden furniture, chairs, wardrobes, etc., could be repainted or sanded down and given a new wood stain. You could get a little creative and paint pictures on your furniture. The good news is if you do not like it, you can paint over it and start again. Maybe you could get some wallpaper you live in and cover a wardrobe or a table and drawers with it and create something new this way. This is a great way to make new the things you already have in the house while adding more style and personality to them.  

Mix and Mash Patterns

Why not try using patterns, colors, and textures to add more personality to your home? If you have a specific pattern that you like, then you need to use this pattern everywhere. If you have one odd pattern, it doesn’t work. However, if you use a lot of contrasting patterns with a lot of different colors, then it works as a more bohemian look. You can try getting a lot of odd cushions for your sofas; try ones with different patterns as well as materials and sizes to really mesh things up. How about using a lot of throws, rugs, canvases, curtains, wild tapestry, and some decorative hanging wall cloths? You can transform a room into a sort of Bengali tent for something completely different. Bold colors work well with patterns. Remember, colors can be used to create a certain mood, so think of this color psychology trick when choosing colors for your home and accessories. It’s either all or nothing. If mix and meshing is your thing, then you can really go to town and make something truly awe-inspiring. Or stick to the more traditional and ‘normal’ sorts of things, whatever your personality desires. 


Buying a lot of indoor plants is another great way to add some personality and style. There are so many choices out there; perhaps you want a tropical feel, then a Yucca may be a good bet; if you want a more rainforest feel, then how about a golden pothos or lemon-lime dracaenas? There are plenty of plants out there that can help you relax and melt away the stress, like lavender and jasmine. You can also consider going for a custom floral design with your interiors or furniture. When it comes to plants, you have more than to think about. You can buy a range of different decorative pots that can add to whatever theme you have. Hanging pots can really give your home that more Asian feel, a few terracotta plant pots can give a more traditional. There are plenty of colored pots and pots with patterns and images on them. If you are mixing and meshing patterns, then a lot of add pots will add to this feel. If you want that more standard and uniform look, then you are going to want to stick with a standard pot for all the plants you have. The great thing about plans is that they look great, and they make the air in the home healthier too.

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