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Five Tips to Create the Ultimate Patio Space

create the ultimate patio space

Create the Ultimate Patio Space

As we start to enter the Springtime, we’re all starting to think about our garden space more. We look out of the window and see our spaces hit slightly by the winter but desperate to be reinvigorated as the warmer climes start to arrive. One of the great loves of these months is being able to sit outside, enjoy the fresh air and socialise with our loved ones and friends. It’s quite likely that at the moment you’re regularly looking out of the kitchen window, into your garden space and visualising it.

So, now we’re in the Spring, it’s time to start preparing. That all starts with the patio space. Developing your patio space can make for the perfect spot to sit in the sun and relax, socialise and entertain, and here are five top tips to really optimise the space and be the envy of all the neighbours…

Define its purpose

Firstly, a good place to start is by defining your patio’s purpose. They are versatile in their nature, offering a place to dine, entertain and socialise, as well as be a spot of contemplation, but if there are certain things you’re going to use your patio for more frequently, then it can be useful to tailor its design and layout to that.

For example, if you’re largely going to want to eat in the space, then the dining table should perhaps be the centrepiece. What’s more, if your patio and garden space leads into the kitchen, you can create a really free-flowing space with the likes of bi-folding doors. This can connect both areas of the house, as well as make the kitchen more airy and effectively offer the patio as an outdoor extension of it.

Alternatively, if the patio is more going to be an area where you want to sit, relax and escape, you may want to have loungers or comfortable seating as the focal point, as well as foliage to really immerse yourself in nature.

Select comfortable and sturdy furniture

create the ultimate patio spaceIn fact, we’re going to double down on the comfortable furniture as it can be the difference between spending a lot of time in a patio space and spending none at all. Firstly, it does need to be weather resistant as after all we do live in the UK. Alongside this, it should also be sturdy. And finally, it needs to be comfy.

There’s lots of furniture out there that offers all of this, with materials such as teak, aluminimum and synthetic wicker good options, while you should also consider cushions and upholstery that is weatherproof, or at least easily packable to place indoors when you’re not using it.

Make sure there’s plant life

We can often ignore greenery on our patios, leaving that for the rest of the garden. However, we should be transitioning from garden to patio seamlessly, which means utilising plants in your space. Vertical gardens and hanging baskets can be a good option as they don’t take up floor space, while you can of course use potted plants too.

Look for flowers that can thrive in your local climate, as well as ones that suit any colour scheme you may have. Using potted plants or containers can also develop boundaries between your patio and the rest of the space while also increasing privacy.

Get the lighting right

You don’t want your patio to just be a daytime space. There’s nothing better than watching the sun go down and watching the space get cosier as it gets darker. String lighting or lanterns can be a good option, while you can also consider things like fire pits or candles for both light and warmth.

There’s something beautiful about sitting under the stars, so you don’t want to overpower the space with artificial light, but still provide enough so you can see each other as well as navigate your way through the space and into the home.

Get personal with decoration

Finally, add decoration to it. You wouldn’t have a living room without any pictures on the wall or trinkets that show your personality, and the same applies to a garden. Whether it be through the patterning in cushions or textiles, or artwork on the wall, sculptures on the patio floor, add things that you love.

They can become focal or talking points of the garden and add another level or warmth and welcoming to it, finishing off your ultimate patio with aplomb.

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