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How to Decide What Type of Wall Clock to Buy

We don’t always think about wall clocks as an important part of our home furnishings but the truth is that we can find them hanging in almost every home, office space and even out in public. The first mechanical clocks were said to have been invented in the late 1300’s in England. In the 17th century, owning one was considered a sign of wealth and prestige and the models then were as opulent as they were complicated.

wall clock photoThese days, the Quartz mechanism has changed everything. Designs now are extremely affordable, reliable and thankfully far more diverse. In fact, they have become a crucial element for many interior stylists and this has led to the recent outbreak of high end manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their design. With so many wall clock designs available you may have trouble choosing one for your home. Let’s have a look at some important questions to consider when deciding what type to buy.
Will it be a centerpiece?
The recent explosion in designs has meant that we no longer need to persist with a boring old white face with old school numerals and hands. In fact, wall clocks are often now used almost like art pieces, a central point in a room to direct people’s attention and to contrast with its surrounding space.

wall clock photo

Photo by Karen Roe

A carefully chosen style can add a lot of character to a space, so if you want something to really stand out you may want to consider something large. Big clock designs have grown in popularity in recent years as people look for something that goes far beyond function. Typically, large sizes will be more than 20 inches in size but can balloon out to designs that even surpass 40 inches. Obviously for a product this size you must consider the wall you are going to use for its placement. These large wall clocks generally lack a second hand but when look overrides function, this is not really an issue.
What will be its function?
As we’ve seen, timepieces don’t necessarily have to be used for just keeping track of time. They can also be used as accent pieces to enhance a room’s appeal. But if your desired function goes beyond this, it will be necessary to consider some other options. For instance, those who love to cook should explore the various kitchen clock styles that exist these days. Time is important in cooking and selecting a style that features a second hand will give the chef of the house all the information they need to knock out their favorite recipes. Teaching your kids how to tell the time? If so, you should check out the range of clocks dedicated to kids that feature helpful time telling phrases to assist in the development of analogue time reading. Need to just get to places on time? Look at designs with large numerals that you can’t miss or better yet, maybe consider finding an alarm clock like these with dedicated alerts to help keep you punctual.
Where will it be displayed?

This may seem obvious but it’s a factor that can be easily ignored. If you’re planning to hang yours on a wall, ensuring that you have an attachment hook that can support its weight is crucial. But not all timepieces need to be put up on walls. In fact, flat surfaces can make for incredible spots to display the time. Ledges, tables, benches and window sills are all popular locations and there are some incredible mantel clocks available now that leverage these spaces. You can find more antique inspired styles that are very graceful or perhaps something more retro like the modern flip clock design. If you want to push your style right out there you can even be daring enough to use a standard round style propped up on a flat surface.
It’s easy to be nonchalant about your next wall clock purchase. But by taking some time to consider some important questions such as those above, you’ll be sure to select a design that is going to best fit your style and your needs.
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