Our Favorite Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Tis the season to be decorating! It’s no longer Halloween and not yet Christmas, but this in-between holiday is not one to be overlooked. Though traditional Thanksgivings or “Friendsgiving,” as some might call it, will always have a special place in our hearts, this year we’re excited to share with you something a little different. One of the greatest joys of the holiday seasons is the decorating (or at least when it’s all done!), so we’re looking forward to sharing our favorite Thanksgiving decor ideas this year. We primarily think of being around a big table full of all the people we love during Thanksgiving. So, we’ve decided to make the table decor something all your guests will enjoy and talk about, aside from your scrumptious and delicious cooking, naturally.

Have a Glamourous, Glamourous Thanksgiving


Photo Courtesy of Blogger Olivia from Reinvented Collection & Co.

Here’s to a very non-traditional way of decorating for our glamour queens out there ― we think this is one you’ll appreciate. Instead of your usual orange and burgundy colors, opt for rich colors such as purple with gold accents. This is sure to create a setting at the table that’s luxurious but still indulgent. Use dark violet or purple napkins (or candles!) for that pop of color on the table and stick with white or cream plates and gold details in your flatware to bring the overall look together while still letting all that delicious food do most of the talking! Another option similar to this includes a tablescape inspired by Style Me Pretty. Use a blend of pastel pinks for a sweet, soft touch and a deep burgundy purple for that nice contrast and added warmth.
Let’s Give Thanks

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Clarita from Skies of Parchment

For those who enjoy a good DIY, we have an easy and sweet project for you! From Clarita at Skies of Parchment, you can create a handmade place setting that gives guests a chance to chat while the food is being prepared; consequently, you also give them time to write down and share what they’re thankful for.
The Pumpkin Vase

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Krista from The Happy Housie

Have a nice ole pumpkin hanging around from Halloween that you just can’t part with yet? Carve out the top half, paint the body a beautiful cream color, and add some of your favorite fall flowers or maybe even a few golden tracks going down along the sides. This will give it a fresh look that’s still Thanksgiving festival appropriate, and it is another beautiful way in which you can enjoy the pumpkin season. Plus, everyone loves a good DIY!
We hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and safe Thanksgiving, and we look forward to seeing how you’re decorating this holiday season! 
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Our Favorite Thanksgiving Décor Ideas: Photo Courtesy of Blogger Krista from The Happy Housie

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