Blogger of the Month: Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl

At Cliché Magazine, it is no secret how much love we have for bloggers all year round. Every issue though, there is that one influencer whose Instagram photos we cannot help but double tap more than once and whose blog posts have us catching up on the ones published years ago. This time, it’s blogger Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl who has us hitting replay on all of her fetching outfit combinations, helpful and stylish posts, and of course, social media networks. Having been born and raised in the golden state of California, Francesca Felix is a pro at making an effortless statement in each of her fashionable looks. Now, it’s not only Felix’s #OOTDs that we love so much, but her down-to-earth vibe and soulful nature that we cannot get enough of. She’s a darling human being from the inside out, and this reflects in her work and how she connects with her followers and readers. Here, we chat with the influencer about her beloved blog, how good life has been, and what inspires her to create.

Cliché: The blogging space has taken us by storm over the past two years; it seems like hundreds of people are joining it every day! What drew you to this creative corner? And how do you believe your blog, Frank Vinyl, stands out?
Francesca Felix: It’s insane how much it has grown in only the past few years! I have been blogging for six years, so I think just being around that long helps me stand out. I know my blog and the blogging world so well by now. Initially, I was a huge fan of Rumi Neelys and read her blog religiously. She was such an inspiration for me back then and I was in love with the photography that Colin Sokol did for her. It was so dreamy and almost a dream world I wanted to be a part of. So I decided to learn about photography and try to make my own dream world.
What is the number one message you strive to spread in your blog posts?
I have always tried to be true to myself and to my readers and share everything I have learned about blogging throughout the years with them. I think it’s important that now in a world filled with so many fashion bloggers, we help empower and inspire each other to help each other grow. I always try to get some “tips and tricks” type of posts out there and styling tips so woman can do what they want with it.
You recently got married this summer. Congrats on a beautiful beginning and cheers to an even more beautiful marriage! How do you incorporate your personal life into Frank Vinyl? Is there a limit to what you share?
Thank you! It was such a dream! On my wedding day, I actually tried to stay off of social media. I wanted to make sure I was 100% present the whole day so it wouldn’t just fly by. I also tried to keep the special moments just for my husband and I. Part of me didn’t even want to share my wedding day because it’s so personal, but at the same time I thought my readers have been through so much with me. How could I not share this with them? I guess in the end it’s just a balancing act. Some things I am pretty transparent about and others I just make sure to share glimpses of it and keep the rest to myself. I think it’s healthier that way. Blogging is crazy because you can easily be doing it 24/7. With Snapchat, Instagram, taking photos, and constantly answering emails, it’s easy to get carried away. I have learned throughout the years when to be on duty and when to disconnect.
Blogging really has turned into a one-of-a-kind business. Do you have any tips into turning such a new and exciting venture into something that can turn into a source of income?
My biggest suggestion is to network as much as you possibly can. So many of my opportunities have come from me reaching out to people and sending out emails like crazy. Going to all those events I get invited to is also important because that’s where you meet the people that can potentially refer you or get you more business. In the blogging world, so many girls just stay behind their computer and think that just putting yourself out there online is enough, but it’s not. You need to meet people in person and mingle like crazy. Social media of course is also a big priority. I’ve made so many connections through my Instagram alone. Thank god for Instagram! It is just such an easy, relaxed, and inspiring way to connect with like-minded creatives.
Your personal style—from the nifty hats you wear to the stunning jackets you sport—always has us wishing we had your wardrobe! How do you go about styling yourself? Do you have any fashion inspirations that you turn to?
It’s so funny because I always thought of myself as way better at styling other people. I just can get out of myself and see the bigger picture! With me, I guess I just wear whatever makes me extremely happy. If I am not excited by it, then it really comes through in my photos. I have always believed that the key to being stylish is just feeling extra confident in what you are wearing and it always makes the clothes look better. My inspiration comes from all over the place. Free People is one of my biggest inspirations because their styling is sooo good! They are pretty much the number one reason I started dressing boho in the first place. They made me fall in love with layers, patterns, drapey fabrics, and above all, hats. I’m such a hat hoarder! I am also inspired by other fellow bloggers and fashion icons like Lou Doillon, Alexa Chung, and musical legends like Jimi Hendrix (rocking the amazing jackets). Music plays such a big part in everything. I love listening to music as I get ready. It always gets me in a certain vibe depending on what I am currently listening to.
Name three places our readers could find you on social media.
I’m a huge fan of, Instagram (@FrankVinyl), and Snapchat (@francescafelix).

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“Blogger of the Month: Francesca Felix of Frank Vinyl” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2016 issue. Photographs courtesy of Henry Young

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